How To Grow Taller: 3 Ways To Increase Your Height After Puberty

Yeah, I know. This is a weird one. But please, bear with me.

See, as any regular reader of mine already knows, this is a website about things like losing fat, building muscle and every relevant aspect thereof (diet, weight training, cardio, supplements, etc.).

Which I guess is why I’ve always found it kinda strange that – probably a couple of times a month, for nearly a decade – someone will contact me to ask about how to grow taller.

Now, years ago, I used to wonder why I was getting these questions. I mean, I write about increasing strength and muscle mass, so maybe I might also know something about increasing… height?

Who knows. But these days I no longer wonder why people come to me with this question. Instead, I want to take the time to properly answer it once and for all. So, without further ado…

The 3 Best Ways To Grow Taller

The obvious best way to grow taller is to simply experience puberty. After all, puberty is the period of time in our lives when we all grow in height (among other things). So, how do you grow taller? That’s easy… sit back, relax and let puberty do its thing.


There’s just one tiny problem with this. The people who ask me this question are ALWAYS people who have already gone through puberty.

Meaning, people who have already been through the natural-growing stages that occur during our teenage years. Meaning, people whose heights have increased as high as their genetics would allow.

And now, it’s done. It’s all over. The growing has stopped.

What’s the problem with this, you ask? Some people just aren’t happy with the height they ended up being.

And so this leads us to a very specific question: how do we increase our height after puberty?

Well, here now are the only 3 scientifically proven methods for making it happen…

1. The Zoltar Method

This first method requires a fairly simple 4-step process that has a 100% success rate. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, find a Zoltar machine. (Pictured below.)
  2. Second, unplug the machine. This part is crucial.
  3. Third, put in the required amount of money and make a wish to be taller. Or, more specifically, make a wish to be “big.”
  4. Last but not least, go home and go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, it will have already worked. Enjoy your new awesome height!

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way this will actually work, right?

Um, wrong. And I can prove it. Here is clear real-world evidence that this method literally works overnight:

Zoltar machine before and after.

Boom! That’s a legit before and after shot. You’re welcome.

2. The Time Machine Method: Parental Switch Version

This second method is going to be a bit trickier, as I’m quite iffy on the specifics of exactly what you’ll need to do and how you’re going to actually do it.

But let’s ignore that for now and focus on the big picture of what this method entails, which is this…

Find a time machine (or build your own… whichever you prefer). Then, go back and prevent your parents from ever meeting, thus preventing your own birth. Then, locate two better, significantly taller people who are going to be much more likely to pass on better, taller genetics to their children… and then convince them to get together and be your parents.

Give that a few years/decades to play out, and boom! There’s a damn good chance you’ll end up being taller than you currently are. Simple as that!

(Yes, I know there are a few time-travel plot holes to this method (e.g. if you go back and prevent your own birth, you would cease to exist and therefore not be able to go back to do any of this in the first place). And yes, there is the minor issue of the fact that these two new parents will lack the exact sperm and egg combination needed to create you. But hey, I can’t be expected to think of everything here. I’m just a fitness dude on the internet. I’ll leave the rest in your hands. Let me know how it goes.)

3. The Time Machine Method: Puberty Redo Version

This final method is similar to the previous method in that it also involves a time machine, but the plan of action after using said time machine is way more simple and straight forward here.

In this case, you will need to go back to the day before you started puberty.

Then, you must talk your prepubescent self into ensuring that you/they get a sufficient amount of sleep every single night for the entire duration of your/their teenage years, eat a sufficient overall diet that provides a sufficient amount of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) and micronutrients (various vitamins and minerals) for the entire duration of your/their teenage years, and live an overall healthy lifestyle in general for the entire duration of your/their teenage years.

Doing so won’t cause you to grow any taller than your genetics have already predetermined you to be, but going through puberty with dietary and lifestyle factors adjusted to optimal levels will likely play some positive role in allowing you to maximize your genetic potential for height.

The End

So, there you have it. The 3 best ways to increase your height after puberty. Happy growing!

Wait A Second…



What’s that you say?

You think I’m an asshole? You’re annoyed by my sarcastic answer to your legitimate serious question?

If so, please accept my deepest insincere apologies.

Because the honest truth is, there is no legitimate serious answer to your legitimate serious question.


Because this isn’t a legitimate serious question.


Because… Basically… You’re Fucked.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you CAN’T increase your height after puberty.

Once you’re done growing… that’s it. You. Are. Done. Growing. It’s final. There is not a single thing that you can do to magically change this. There is not a single thing you can do to grow taller once you have reached the height your genetics have caused you to be.

So, if you’re shorter than you want to be, and puberty has come and gone, then guess what? You need to find a way to accept it, because you’re officially done growing.

I don’t say this to be mean, I say this to provide the real, true, direct answer to your question. And in all honesty, that’s the answer.

End of story.


What’s that you’re saying now?

But… But… I Heard That I Can Grow Taller!!!!

Oh, I’m sure you did. I don’t doubt that for a second.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there claiming there is some way for you to naturally increase your height. And, coincidentally… they just happen to know the secret and they’re willing to share it with you and/or sell it to you.

Wow! Amazing!

Here’s the thing, though.

Let me fill you in on a little secret about humanity, because if you’ve ended up finding this article, it’s apparently a secret you may be unaware of.

And that secret is – literally since the beginning of time – there are people who exist in this world who will gladly give you the thing you want… even if it’s something that isn’t actually real or possible.

Whether that’s more height. Or more money. Or a bigger [insert any body part here]. Or unrealistic rates and limits of muscle growth. Or unrealistic rates and limits of fat loss. Or an infinite number of other things that range from highly unlikely to completely and utterly impossible.

No matter how many of these things defy all logic and common sense… no matter how lacking in evidence they may be… no matter the degree that all proven science goes against it… there will always be at least someone claiming that it’s legit.

Basically, if you want something, someone will be there to claim that it’s real and they have it. And they’ll be more than happy to give/sell it to you.

Welcome to humanity: lying about every single thing you can think of (usually for personal gain) since day 1.

The ability to grow taller after you’re genetically done growing is just one example of many. And I do mean many.

Have You Seriously Seen This Stuff, Though?

Just for entertainment purposes, I took some time to look into the wonderful world of “growing taller” just to see some of the “proven” techniques that were being recommended by “experts” in the “field.”

  • Eat a proper diet.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get lots of sleep.

Those “tips” seem to be the most common ones.

Yeah, seriously.

As I mentioned before, it’s definitely possible that a sufficient overall diet combined with sufficient amounts of sleep and an overall healthy lifestyle can help allow a kid that is going through puberty to maximize (not exceed) their predetermined genetic potential for height.

But once you’re done with puberty, you’re done growing. So while eating well, sleeping well and living well are great ideas for a million different reasons, none of this shit is going to do anything to increase your height after that point.


In addition to the three useless “secret” tips I just mentioned, there are three others I kept seeing show up over and over again.

One is my personal favorite of them all: hang vertically from a bar.

As in, grab a pull-up bar and just hang there in that dead-hang position.


Because apparently stretching your lats is supposed to make you taller?

Fuck if I know.

This stuff reads like the recommendations you’d get if you went up to a 3 year old and asked them how to grow taller. “Hang from a bar!”


Next up we have Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha appears to be the magic pill of the “grow taller” world. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work exactly (this is the point during my research where I started repeatedly banging my head into a wall, so I’m a little fuzzy on how this magical supplement is supposed to work in this regard), but the claim is that taking it will have some kind of positive effect on your height.

Which of course is bullshit.

According to the fine people over at, Ashwagandha actually has a handful of proven benefits, including the potential to help treat anxiety and insomnia. It’s also recommended to cancer patients for its ability to “reduce immunosuppression” and “ease the pain of chemotherapy.”

That’s awesome.

But make you grow taller?

No. Not even a little.

And last but not least, we have postural improvements. You know… doing stuff that can improve your posture (e.g. improving anterior pelvic tilt, internally rotated shoulders, etc.).

While this is a lovely idea for many reasons, and yes, it can and will certainly help you stand up straighter and simply BE the height that you already are… it’s not actually making you grow any taller. That would be like sitting, then standing, and then acting as if you grew. You didn’t.

The End

So… yeah.

The only thing I will ever be capable of doing here is providing the truth of reality, regardless of the subject matter. And as much as it may suck it hear it… this is it.

Once you’re fully done with puberty… you… can’t… grow… taller.

You’re done. It’s over. You will forever be the height you currently are (at least until – spoiler alert!! – you get older and gradually begin to shrink a little).


But hey, if you’re interested, there are real legit changes that you CAN make to your body to improve the way it looks, feels and functions. For example, you can lose fat, build muscle, gain strength or all of the above.

You may even find that doing so makes you more comfortable, accepting, confident and happy with your body overall.

And hey, guess what! I’d be more than happy to help you make that happen.

Now, before you notice that I happen to sell a couple of books about these subjects and call me out for being just like the people I warned you about a few paragraphs ago (you remember… the ones that will gladly sell you whatever you’re looking for), let me take a second and tell you something you’ll probably never hear again for the rest of your life…

You don’t have to buy what I’m selling.

Like, ever.

You’re more than welcome to completely ignore my books and instead find everything you need right here, on this very website, for free.

Because everything you truly need in this context is indeed already right here, on this very website, for free.

For example, if fat loss is your goal (and hey, getting leaner may even give you the appearance of looking taller), I’d recommend starting with this one: What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

If you’re looking to put together a workout routine, check out this entire (free) guide: The Ultimate Weight Training Routine

If you want a proven beginner program, here’s one: The Beginner Workout Routine

If you want a proven intermediate program, here’s one: The Muscle Building Workout Routine

If you want something else, feel free to look around. Chances are I’ve already covered it.

Unless of course what you want is more height. In which case… nope.

Jay is the science-based writer and researcher behind everything you've seen here. He has 15+ years of experience helping thousands of men and women lose fat, gain muscle, and build their "goal body." His work has been featured by the likes of Time, The Huffington Post, CNET, Business Week and more, referenced in studies, used in textbooks, quoted in publications, and adapted by coaches, trainers and diet professionals at every level.

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  1. Dude, you left out the most practical way – just go to space. Most astronauts grow about 1-2 inches while in zero-g environments, due to ligaments and whatnot being able to stretch out. Apparently it’s kinda painful and goes away when you get back to earth, but hey. Reach for the stars baby!

      • As a man — it sucks. I can understand that.

        Everything in us screams: “Reproduce yourself!”. If you’re male and short you are being overlooked over by the other gender making it nearly impossible to answer nature’s call. That is a fact. You have to make up for it with high status: acquiring wealth and power.

        “And I can’t even imagine (…)”
        If you’re not short then you’re right about that. You can’t. 🙂

  2. Hey thanks a ton for this Jay..I admit to being one of those persistent pesky people bothering you about the height issue lol! So when I saw this article i was like “yeah about time!!”

  3. Hey while i was researching on this topic out of my uncontrolled obsession there’s this really cool surgery i learnt about that augments you by a few inches.. It’s called ILIZAROV TECHNIQUE and only a select handful of ortho docs world wide do it…. They basically break down your leg bones and allow them to heal naturally while maintaining traction….i know i know it’s too extreme but hey!! It’s just putting out all the options on the table

    • I confirm it’s really possible to increase your height with the Ilizarov method, they do this in my home town (Kurgan, Russia). I knew a woman who has gone through the procedure, she really grew 7 cm longer. But I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Better to stay shorter than go through such a torture…

      • Yes Alina it’s such a torture.. and for a prolonged period… Imagine being bedridden for months then severe restriction of activity for a couple more… And there’s a possibility that the severed ends won’t join back( it’s a low probability but it’s there) in which case you’ve actually mamed yourself for all life..!!! No thanks I’m fine the way I am

      • How the heck do you have 18 articles written and this is the one that gets green lit?

        I’m just busting your chops I love your content this one just made me laugh though.

        • End of August, mid-heat wave, summer is ending, school is restarting, vacations are over, I’m traveling at the moment… so not really the ideal time to post something that’s… ya know… significantly useful to a large number of people.

          But stay tuned. Plenty of that kind of thing is on the way.

  4. Funny and informative as always!
    1. I just wanted to ask you what your opinion on 3×5 or 5×5 is, because I see a lot of people saying that stronger = bigger. Looking at your workouts you choose to implement 3×10 probably for hypertrophy.

    2. What is your opinion on cycles in workouts? For example cycle 1 3×10, cycle 2 3×5 etc.

    • 1. Strength gains in hypertrophy rep ranges = optimal growth. My programs use anywhere from 5-15.

      2. Are you referring to periodization? If so, I plan to write quite a bit about it in the future. Stay tuned.

  5. Not true!!
    See, I know a friend who has a friend who has a cousin who knows a guy who — NATURALLY, without ANY H.E.D.s (Height Enhancement Drugs) — added seven inches to his height long after puberty!
    The problem with people like you, see, is, you just aren’t determined nor dedicated enough, don’t work at it intensely nor correctly enough, don’t take enough of the right supplements, and use the flimsy excuse that there are genetic limits to what a person can physically be!
    As for me, I won’t be limited by what the heights of any of my parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were! Even though I already finished puberty I KNOW I’ll be at least six inches taller than any of them by the end of next year!

  6. LOL, Jay pissing off gurus all over the world.
    I wish you’d write an article to piss off the sex gurus..

  7. The best answer to being short. Workout like a mofo so that you become so awesome and muscled that people don’t give two craps about your height. Be wider than you are tall. That shuts people up real quick

  8. HAHAHA i laughed so hard.

    I’m a pretty tall woman and am always told “omg you’re so tall” and i’m like.. “yeah, i kinda noticed”

    Also people tell me “did you play basketball/voleyball?” and i’m like “yes, voleyball”and they say “OH, THAT MUST BE IT”…. like for some reason voleyball makes you taller (?)

  9. Method 1. Measure your height in the morning, not at night (can add up to 2″ to your height)

    Method 2: Improve your posture and alignment, this can also increase your height by up to 2″. This may happen as a result of becoming stronger (especially back) and more flexible.

    Method 3: Exercise in young, middle and older age to keep bones strong, discs hydrated and maintain posture to prevent height loss with age.

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