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Losing Fat Is Hard, Confusing, And

Full Of Problems. But It Doesn't Have To Be.

Welcome To The Program That Finally Solves It.

Introducing... Superior Fat Loss

Welcome to the program that'll allow you to lose fat, get lean and reach your goals as quickly, easily and effectively as possible. That means...

Without losing muscle.

Without feeling hungry all the time.

Without giving up the foods you love.

Without excessive metabolic slowdown and hormonal issues.

Without doing tons of cardio.

Without annoying diet rules and restrictions.

Without silly fads, stupid gimmicks or complicated bullshit.

Without everything that sucks about losing fat, and the countless problems and mistakes that cause most people to fail.

Think Of Every Problem

You Have While Trying To Lose Fat.

Superior Fat Loss Will Solve ALL Of Them.

Problem #1: Losing Muscle Instead Of Fat

You're trying to only lose body fat, but you end up losing a bunch of your lean muscle mass right along with it. So instead of losing weight and looking lean, fit and toned, you just end up looking like a weaker, thinner, still soft-and-flabby version of your former self... a state commonly known as "skinny-fat."

Superior Fat Loss solves this. From top-to-bottom, every single major and minor aspect of your diet and workout (and more) is designed and adjusted to ensure that you lose fat WITHOUT losing muscle. That means you're going to maintain as much lean muscle as possible while reaching your fat loss goals.

Problem #2: Hunger

For most of us, the hardest part about losing fat is feeling hungry all the time. That hunger ends up causing us to go off our diet and eat more than we're supposed to eat and/or eat foods we're not supposed to eat. It's one of the biggest reasons why people are unable to stick to their diet.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. How? First, by understanding that this hunger is caused by hormonal changes involving the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which control hunger. Second, by designing your diet specifically to counteract those changes. Third, by strategically adjusting your calorie, protein, fat, carb, fiber and water intake (and more) to reduce hunger even further. This way, you'll be able to eat as much as possible and feel as full and satisfied as you can... while still losing fat just fine.

Problem #3: You're Not Allowed To Eat The Foods You Love

One of the worst parts about starting a typical fat loss diet is being forced to eliminate many of the foods you love (pizza, ice cream, pasta, chocolate, cookies, burgers, candy, white bread, etc.). Hell, many diets force you to eliminate entire food groups completely (carbs, fat, sugar, wheat, etc.). The problem is, you hate this. We all do. No one likes being forced to give up their favorite foods.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. I promise you, there is not a single food that needs to be eliminated on this diet. There is no annoying list of "foods you must avoid." There is no unnecessary removal of an entire food group. Screw that. I'm going to show you how to lose fat while STILL eating the foods you love (and how to do it without affecting your results or your health in any way).

Problem #4: Too Many Diet Rules And Restrictions

Most fat loss diets force you to follow a lot of strict "eating rules" that only make things harder, less convenient, less enjoyable and more annoying for you. For example: you have to avoid foods you love and eat foods you don't truly enjoy, eat at specific times of the day (and avoid eating at others), eat a certain number of meals per day, or certain combinations of foods in each meal, eat breakfast (when you'd rather skip it) or skip breakfast (when you'd rather eat it) and on and on and on.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. These kinds of strict "eating rules" are NOT a part of this program. Not even a little. These unnecessary restrictions are the complete opposite of what this program is all about. Instead, I'm going to show you how to design every aspect of your diet so it fits all of your personal needs and preferences and is therefore as enjoyable, easy and sustainable for you as it can possibly be.

Problem #5: Your Metabolism Slows Down

Metabolic slowdown is always a part of the fat loss process. However, we control just how significant it is. Unfortunately, most people lose fat in a manner that causes their metabolism to slow down to an excessive degree which then requires them to eat even less and work out even more in order to continue making progress.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. I'm going to show you all of the common mistakes people make that worsen this metabolic slowdown, tell you exactly how to adjust your diet and workout to prevent it, and then teach you how to use methods like refeeds, calorie cycling and diet breaks to reverse it.

Problem #6: Too Much Cardio

While some people actually enjoy it, most of us hate doing cardio. Myself included. It's boring as hell, it cuts into our recovery, it increases the risk of muscle loss, and it burns WAY less calories than most people assume it does. But yet, most fat loss programs require you to do it... often to an excessive degree (4-7 days per week for 60+ minutes at a time).

Superior Fat Loss solves this. On this program, cardio is completely optional. Yes, seriously. I'm going to show you how to easily reach your fat loss goals and get as lean as you want without ever doing a minute of cardio. However, if you happen to be one of those people who enjoys cardio or would maybe just prefer to use it... that's perfectly fine too. I'll tell you what type of cardio to do, exactly how much of it to do, when and how often you should do it, and more.

Problem #7: Weight Loss Plateaus

We've all been there before. You're losing weight and things are going well... but then... progress stalls and you stop losing weight. You've hit a plateau. You don't know why it happened or what caused it, and you don't know how to break through it. Are you supposed to eat less? Eat more? How much less? How much more? And what about starvation mode?

Superior Fat Loss solves this. I'm going to clearly explain every possible cause of weight loss plateaus (not just the common causes, but the uncommon causes as well), help you figure out which one is the culprit in your specific case, and show you EXACTLY what you need to do in each scenario to easily solve the problem and start losing fat again.

Problem #8: You Want To Lose Fat AND Build Muscle

Some people only want to lose fat, and some only want to build muscle. But, many of us want to do BOTH. That means losing fat and building muscle at the same time. There's just two problems with that. First, most programs are only designed for one goal or the other. And second, some people claim it's impossible to reach both goals simultaneously, while others claim it can be done. Who's right?

Superior Fat Loss solves this. This program is designed to end that debate and allow everyone who is capable of building muscle while losing fat to fully take advantage of it and effectively make both happen at the same time. I'll show you exactly what diet adjustments you need to make, and provide you with the muscle building workout routine you need.

Problem #9: You Lose Motivation

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to reach their fat loss goals is because they eventually lose the motivation to eat right and work out. In the beginning, you have all of the motivation in the world. But then, over time, that motivated feeling just isn't there anymore. Some days you have it, and some days you don't. And when you don't... you go off your diet, skip your workout, or both.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. This program will show you why motivation is a mental trap that shouldn't be relied on because it only leads to failure. I'll also teach you exactly what you need to focus on instead to guarantee that you remain as consistent as possible with your diet and workout... even on days when you're not feeling motivated to do so.

Problem #10: You Don't Have Time To Work Out

Most fat loss programs require you to do 4, 5, 6 or sometimes even 7 workouts per week. And most of those workouts last 1-2 hours or longer. But who actually has time for that? We're busy. We have lives. And jobs. And families. And social lives. Very few of us have a schedule that is flexible enough to handle this amount of exercise each week.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. This program involves just 3 workouts per week. And each of those workouts will take somewhere between 30-90 minutes (depending on which workout you choose). Anything more than that is completely optional.

Problem #11: Your Social Life Is Ruined

Sticking to your diet is easy when you're home by yourself. But what about when you're eating out at a restaurant? Or it's Christmas, Thanksgiving or some other holiday? Or you're at a party? Or on a date? Or on vacation? There are 2 ways these types of scenarios usually go: 1) you restrict yourself and feel unhappy, deprived, annoyed and frustrated the whole time, or 2) you lose your self-control, go off of your diet and (binge) eat way more than you were supposed to (and then feel guilty afterward).

Superior Fat Loss solves this. I'm going to show you how easy it is to avoid BOTH of these outcomes. In fact, I'll teach you how to go into these social situations and actually enjoy yourself, the people you're with AND the tasty food around you... without hurting your fat loss progress at all.

Problem #12: You're Overloaded With Information

We all want to have the best diet and use the best workout. The problem is figuring out what these "best" things actually are? For example... low carb or high carb? Low fat or high fat? Intermittent fasting? Ketogenic diet? Paleo diet? Gluten free? No sugar? Is fruit okay to eat? Does the glycemic index matter? Should you avoid white rice and white potatoes? How much protein is enough? HIIT or steady state cardio (or no cardio at all)? It's enough to make your head explode.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. I'm going to use a combination of scientific research and real-world experience to finally clear up this entire mess of confusion for you and show you just how simple it really is. I'll explain what works, what works best, and what doesn't work at all. I'll destroy myths, separate fact from fiction, and eliminate all of the time-wasting crap that just distracts you from what you truly need to be doing.

Problem #13: Regaining The Fat After You Lose It

The majority of people who successfully lose fat end up gaining it back soon afterward. In many cases, they regain ALL of the fat they lost. Even worse, some people gain it all back and then some. This form of "yo-yo dieting" is extremely common, as most people are unable to keep the fat off after losing it.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. This isn't some silly "quick-fix" program that's going to be unsustainable afterward. This entire program is designed for the permanent long-term maintenance of the fat loss results you get. I'll show you exactly why people fail to keep the weight off, and the simple steps you need to take to prevent it.

Problem #14: It's Hard, And It Sucks

Let's face it, losing fat sucks. Not only do you have to eat a certain way, work out a certain way and make changes to your lifestyle, but the unfortunate reality is that the human body fights back against our attempt to lose fat. It's a biological survival function that kicks in as soon as you start losing it (and only gets worse as you get leaner) for the purpose of keeping you alive. This leads to a HUGE list of problems involving hormones, metabolic rate, hunger, mood, muscle and strength loss, sleep quality, libido, training performance and recovery, and on and on and on.

Superior Fat Loss solves this. I'm fully aware of all of the ways the human body fights back against fat loss and the many problems it causes. That's why every single aspect of this program has been designed and adjusted to significantly minimize or completely eliminate everything that sucks about losing fat so it's as easy, sustainable and problem-free for you as possible.

Problem #15: Tracking Your Diet When Eating Out

Problem #16: Water Retention

Problem #17: Negative Hormonal Changes

Problem #18: You're Doing Everything Right But Still Aren't Losing Weight

Problem #19: Your Progress Is Too Slow And Inconsistent

Problem #20: Your Generic Program Isn't Custom-Tailored To You

Problem After Problem,

Superior Fat Loss Solves ALL Of It.

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Think Of Every Question

You Have About Losing Body Fat.

Superior Fat Loss Answers ALL Of Them.

Weight Training

What weight training workout is most effective for maintaining muscle while losing fat? What about building muscle while losing fat? And what type of weight training burns the most fat?

Diet and Nutrition

Which factors of your diet truly influence your fat loss results (and how should you adjust them?), and which factors are just stupid myths that you should ignore



How much does cardio really help when you’re trying to lose fat? What kinds of problems can it cause, and how do you prevent them? What type should you do/when should you do it?


Are there any supplements that are legitimately proven to be safe and beneficial for losing fat? How and when should they be taken? What form is most effective?

Calorie Intake

How many calories

should you eat per day to lose fat? What’s the perfect size for your

deficit to be? What’s the most accurate method of calculating it?

Protein Intake

How much protein should you eat per day? Maybe 0.7g-0.8g of protein per pound of body weight. Maybe 1g? Maybe 1.5g? Maybe more? Maybe less? And why?

Fat Intake

How many grams of fat should you eat per day? Are there certain types you should eat and certain types you need to avoid? What role does it play in losing fat?

Carb Intake

How many grams of

carbs should you eat per day? Are there certain types you should eat and certain types you need to avoid? What role does it play in losing fat?

Calorie Cycling

Should you eat more calories on your workout days, and less calories on your rest days? What benefits does calorie cycling provide? What’s the best way to do it?


Do refeeds really help increase metabolic rate as much as people claim? Or help with hunger and maintaining muscle? When/how often should they be used?

Diet Breaks

Are diet breaks really the key to sustainable fat loss? How long should it last? How much more should you eat during that time? How often should a diet break take place?

Reverse Dieting

After you’ve reached your fat loss goals, what are you supposed to do next? How do you stop losing weight and switch to a “maintenance” diet? Or a muscle building diet?

Rate Of Weight Loss

How much weight should you be losing per week if you want to avoid losing muscle and feeling too hungry? How fast is too fast? What should you do if you’re losing too slowly?


Is it possible to drink alcohol and still reach your fat loss goals? What problems can it cause? How do you avoid them? Exactly how much and how often can you drink?

Meal Frequency

How many meals should you eat per day? How frequently should you eat them? Should you eat earlier or later in the day? Should you have breakfast or skip it completely?

Tracking Your Diet

What is the easiest and most accurate way to track what you’re eating? What about when you’re eating out at a

restaurant? How do you avoid unknowingly eating too much?

Losing Muscle

Why do we lose muscle when we’re only trying to lose body fat? What causes this to happen so often? How do we prevent it? How do we lose fat without losing muscle?


What causes weight loss plateaus to occur? How should you adjust your diet and workout when they happen to start losing fat again? How do you prevent plateaus altogether?

Nutrient Timing

What should you eat in your pre and post workout meals? Which foods are best to eat before your workout, and which are best after? How much do these meals really matter?


What should you do when you start losing motivation? How do you stick to your diet and workout like you’re supposed to when you don’t feel motivated to do so?

Superior Fat Loss Answers All Of This And So Much More



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I Will Update This Program To Stay On The Cutting Edge Of Research And Recommendations, And You'll Get Every Update For FREE

Superior Fat Loss will be the only fat loss program I ever create. But then you might wonder, what happens if new scientific research comes out that's relevant to losing fat? Or, what if my opinions and recommendations ever change at some point in the future? Simple. I will update this program as needed and then automatically send you the updated version for FREE... for LIFE!


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