Trying To Lose Fat But The Scale Still Isn’t Moving? Here’s How To Fix That


Giving up your favorite foods.

Spending all of your time at the gym.

Struggling to stay motivated.

Losing lean muscle.

Feeling hungry and restricted all the time.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve tried other diets (low carb, keto, intermittent fasting, fad diets, starvation diets, etc.)… but have little or no results to show for it.
You’re trying to eat right… but hunger and cravings always leads to overeating and snacking.
You have a busy schedule… so you don’t have time to spend hours in the gym every day or sit around planning your meals.
You know what to do… but you lose motivation and can’t stay consistent with it.
You want your favorite foods (sugar, carbs, chocolate, pizza, alcohol, chips, etc.)… but your diet forces you to never have them.
You’re trying to lose fat… but you end up losing muscle.
You want a “normal” diet and effective workout… but everything involves tons of boring cardio or restrictive meal plans you hate.
You need to lose fat AND build muscle… but you can’t figure out how to accomplish both goals.
You can stick to your diet for a while… but weekends, eating out, and social situations cause you to go off track.
You spend tons of time researching what to do… and now you’re overwhelmed with conflicting information.
You want the best diet and workout for your specific goals, schedule, and food preferences… but nothing is ever customized to YOU.

What If There Was A Way To Finally Solve These Problems?


Superior Fat Loss

Superior Fat Loss

Superior Fat Loss is the ultimate science-based program for losing fat as quickly and easily as possible while eliminating every single problem that stands in the way of getting the body you want.

This is the proven step-by-step system that has been tested, adjusted, and improved over a span of 15 years by myself, my hundreds of clients, and the thousands of men and women who have come to me for help and advice.

Superior Fat Loss is the most effective approach to getting lean and finally having a body that looks AND feels awesome, regardless of your age, genetics, gender, body type, available schedule, or specific goals.

This isn’t just what works. This is what works best.

Here’s What Superior Fat Loss Will Do For You…

You’ll lose fat faster and easier than you ever have before, and you’ll do it without losing lean muscle.
You’ll start seeing noticeable changes to your body within a few short weeks, and begin to love what you see in the mirror and the confidence that comes with it. Friends and family will start asking you for advice on how they can get results like yours.
You’ll continue eating ALL of your favorite foods while effectively burning fat. Sugar, bread, pasta, chocolate, pizza, ice cream, beer, wine, chips, cookies (and more) are allowed. Nothing is “off limits.”
You’ll finally have a workout routine and diet plan that conveniently fits into your busy schedule, without having to sacrifice time with your family, job, school work, or social life.
You’ll know the secret to staying motivated and consistent, and why it’s the complete opposite of what most people think. Plus, you’ll be less likely to lose motivation when you’re actually seeing results every week.
You’ll actually enjoy eating out, holidays, social situations, and meals with your family. No more stressing out, depriving yourself of the tasty foods everyone else is eating, or feeling guilty afterwards.
You’ll never waste another minute of your time on Google or YouTube searching for information on what to do. I’ve already done all of that work for you and spent years perfecting it. All you have to do now is get started and watch it work.
You’ll know the scientifically proven methods for eliminating hunger, so you never struggle with cravings, snacking, or overeating again. No more starvation diets, annoying “food rules,” or feeling restricted. You’ll be full, satisfied, and amazed at how easy it is.
You’ll avoid wasting money on useless supplements, clueless personal trainers, and overpriced online coaches whose only skill is posting pics of their abs and ass on Instagram all day.
You’ll learn exactly what steps to follow when you want to lose fat AND build muscle. You’ll never be confused again about which goal to focus on first, or how to accomplish both goals at the same time.
And so… much… more.

Does Superior Fat Loss Really Work? See For Yourself…

“I was in Asia and I spent a whole month (January) traveling, eating whatever I wanted and training only once during the month. So I had a lot of work to do when I got back home to fix that. I formally begin in March, and the newest photo is from today (July). I want to thank you once again for all of the invaluable help you have given me, and want to let you know that you made this possible for me.”
Jose A.
(SFL Customer)
“I just wanted to say thank you. It’s been a few years since I first purchased Superior Fat Loss and I still apply everything I learned to this day. Enclosed is a picture of the progress I’ve made. I learned more from your program than I ever did from the personal trainer I was paying $100 to every month. I’m glad to have found your website and I recommend Superior Fat Loss to everyone.”
Filippo B.
(SFL Customer)
“I started by following the advice on your website back about a year ago, and decided to take the step to buy Superior Fat Loss. The website was extremely helpful, but the program took things to the next level. Thank you for making fitness and strength training understandable, simple, and fun.”
Justin M.
(SFL Customer)
“You are amazing and hilarious! Thank you so much for creating Superior Fat Loss!! My whole life, I’ve been trying to get it all right… the work out, the diet, the supplements, etc. I had no idea that so much information out there was just plain bullsh*t! No wonder I’ve been so confused for so many years! Thank you for opening my eyes!!!”
Monique M.
(SFL Customer)
“Superior Fat Loss is straightforward and refreshingly honest. Using this program, I was finally able to learn more about what macronutrient numbers to aim for, a good beginner’s weight routine to stick to, and generally what to expect in the fat-loss process. Jay answers questions you didn’t even know you had and busts myths you didn’t even realize you believed. I reached out to Jay via email a couple of times and he was always quick and supportive in his replies.
I’ve lost 25 pounds (and counting!) in large part thanks to Jay’s help and would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to establish a solid foundation for their fat-loss efforts. He tells you losing weight is not easy, because it isn’t, but he also tells you how it’s possible–and I’m proof that it is! Check out Jay’s program if you want to stop lying to yourself and start seeing results.”
A. C.
(SFL Customer)
“Jay’s work is some of the best I’ve ever come across. I used Superior Fat Loss to easily shred away 15 lbs of fat to create the physique that I’ve always wanted. I will continue to use the knowledge I’ve gained through this program to build an ever-advancing body without sacrificing family time, holiday foods, drinks with friends, or my overall enjoyment of life.”
Aaron M.
(SFL Customer)
“Thank you so much for creating Superior Fat Loss. After I had my baby, I was at my heaviest weight: 185lbs (and I’m 5’4″). Your program has helped me lose 40 pounds so far! I love how you explain everything so clearly… it makes so much sense.  And I lost all my weight without doing any cardio (I hate cardio)! Thanks for all your help.”
(SFL Customer)
Jenn L.
(SFL Customer)
Shay O.
(SFL Customer)
“Jay, your programs are what I personally consider ‘THE BIBLES’ of body composition. If I ever get the pleasure of meeting you in person, I would give you the biggest hug you’ve ever gotten (don’t expect more than that, happily married… Ha!). I’m leaner and stronger in my 40’s than in my 20’s, and for that I’m forever grateful. Thank you!”
Jorge C.
(SFL Customer)
“I’ve struggled getting and maintaining results using other methods or diets. Superior Fat Loss was easy to follow and understand which allowed me to successfully lose 43 pounds, and also successfully maintain my weight. Hands down, best decision EVER to purchase your program!”
Molly M.
(SFL Customer)
“This program helped me to achieve my goal. I had been using a 2000 calorie diet for cutting for 2-3 months and I didn’t get any results. Superior Fat Loss taught me how to play with the calories and get the consistent progress and results I wanted.”
Arjun Y.
(SFL Customer)
“I haven’t had any other fitness program tell it exactly how it really is. I’ve been eating 1700 calories for the past 3 months (with days at 2000) and been continually losing! No more of those stupid grumpy 1200 calorie days. I am so mentally healthy and ecstatic that I’ve had the chance to get this program.”
Kara L.
(SFL Customer)
“I was very overweight, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was pre-diabetic. To make a long story short, I found your website and eventually purchased Superior Fat Loss. Thanks to SFL, I lost 75 lbs. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and general health are now fantastic. I am in better shape now (in my 40s) than I was 20 years ago. I actually have visible abs for the first time in my life! From the bottom if my heart, thank you. You likely saved my life.”
(SFL Customer)
“I’ve been using Superior Fat Loss since October and it is the end all/be all of “weight” loss programs. I started out at 196 lbs and approximately 24% body fat. SFL gave me the information/mindset to achieve my goal of getting down to 168 lbs (13.7% according to a DEXA scan) without losing any of my hard earned muscle by April. I recommend SFL to anyone who wants to follow a no-nonsense program to get the best body of their life.”
Benjamin D.
(SFL Customer)
“After trying countless fat loss programs, Superior Fat Loss was the final one. Why? Because it’s clear, concise, effective and leaves you with absolutely no more questions to ask in terms of losing fat, maintaining muscle, and so much more. Jay’s work has changed my life. If you have any fat to lose, get SFL, apply what you learned and watch the progress begin.”
Jeremy K.
(SFL Customer)

*Individual results may vary.

Here’s Everything You Get

The Diet Component

($79 value)

We’ll go step-by-step and create the most effective fat loss diet for your specific needs, goals, preferences, and schedule. This includes…

How many calories to eat.

How much protein to eat.

How much fat to eat.

How many carbs to eat.

The best food sources.

Meal timing and frequency.

How to easily stay consistent.

How to eat all your favorite foods.

How to actually enjoy your diet.

($79 value)

The Weight Training Component

($79 value)

You’ll get the most effective weight training workout for your schedule, experience level, and exact goals, along with the science-based answers to every workout question you have. This includes…

How many sets and reps.

How many exercises to do.

Which exercises are best.

The best workout schedules.

Rest periods.

Progression methods.

Options for different schedules.

Options for all experience levels.

Workouts to build muscle.

Workouts to maintain muscle.

Workouts for getting lean.

How to lose fat and build muscle.

($79 value)

The Cardio Component

($49 value)

Cardio is completely optional, but I’ll show you the most effective way to balance cardio with weight training and make it work for you. This includes…

Why cardio is optional.

The benefits.

The problems (and solutions).

Balancing cardio with weights.

How much cardio to do.

Exactly how long to do it.

Exactly how often to do it.

The best cardio exercise.

($49 value)

Customization & Personalization Protocol

($69 value)

I’ll show you how to customize every diet and workout factor to suit your specific needs, personal preferences, and exact goals so it’s as easy, effective, and sustainable for you as possible. This includes…

Your age.

Your schedule.

Your experience level.

Your gender.

Your budget.

Your genetics and body type.

Your food preferences.

Your available equipment.

Your exact goals.

Your preferred exercises.

($69 value)

The Nutrient Timing Protocol

($49 value)

I’ll show you how to use your pre and post workout meals to enhance strength and performance, and optimize your recovery. This includes…

What to eat before a workout.

What to eat after a workout.

The ideal food sources.

The ideal timing of these meals.

Options for working out early.

Options for working out late.

Options for working out fasted.

($49 value)

The Real-World Eating Protocol

($69 value)

I’ll show you how easy it is to go into social situations and actually enjoy yourself without stress, guilt, or hurting your progress. This includes…

Eating out at restaurants.

Eating during holidays.

Eating on special occasions.

Eating with family and friends.

What to do if you overeat.

What adjustments to make.

How to get back on track.

($69 value)

The Diet Break And Refeed Protocol

($69 value)

Did you know that eating more food, more calories, and more carbs on certain days/weeks is scientifically proven to help you lose fat better, faster, and easier? It’s true, and I’ll show you how to get all of the benefits (like less hunger, faster metabolism, more lean muscle, improved hormones, and more), all while you get to enjoy eating extra food… guilt-free.

($69 value)

Weight Loss Plateau Adjustments

($69 value)

I’ll show you exactly what to do the next time your progress stalls and you’re stuck at a plateau. Instead of being frustrated or confused, you’ll know how to instantly get back to getting results. This includes…

Why weight loss plateaus happen.

Why plateaus aren’t “bad.”

Exactly how to break through.

Exactly what adjustments to make.

No more frustration or confusion.

No more feeling stuck.

No more guessing at what to do.

($69 value)

The Supplements Component

($39 value)

Supplements are completely optional on this program (feel free to save your money), but I’ll show you which have been proven to be safe and effective for building your ideal body, and which are complete crap. This includes…

Why supplements are optional.

Why most are crap.

Which supplements work.

Which supplements are safe.

Which supplements I use.

My specific recommendations.

How and when I use them.

($39 value)

The Secret To Staying Motivated

($69 value)

I’ll explain why motivation doesn’t work the way most people think it does, and then teach you the simple trick to always being consistent with your diet and workout… even when you’re not feeling motivated to be. This includes…

The problems with motivation.

How to get motivated.

How to stay motivated.

How to build habits.

The trick to staying consistent.

My simple 4-step method.

($69 value)

Here’s What Else You Get
When You Buy It Today

Unlimited Email Support

($199 value)

You get unlimited access directly to me to ask any workout or diet questions you have along the way to getting your ideal body. That means you can feel confident knowing I’m always just an email away to provide the answers you need whenever you need them. No more confusion. No more second-guessing yourself. No more wasting time searching for answers. Just ask me instead.

($199 value)

Lifetime Updates

($79 value)

Whenever I update Superior Fat Loss to add new workouts, or to adjust my recommendations to always be up-to-date on scientific research, you will receive every new version for FREE! That means each time I release an update, you’ll automatically get an email containing a download link to get instant access to the new version. Simple as that.

($79 value)

More Success Stories

“I loved reading Superior Fat Loss! I apply that knowledge to my workouts and daily nutritional intake each day. It keeps me lean year-round and most important; feeling in top shape every day! Your program is easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to apply that knowledge to my healthy lifestyle day-in and day-out.”
Maurits B.
(SFL Customer)
“In the first picture, I was 245lbs. In the second picture, I’m 150lbs. It took two years, but your program got me to this point.”
Matthew H.
(SFL Customer)
May P.
(SFL Customer)
Dan M.
(SFL Customer)
Kyle W.
(SFL Customer)
Joshua H.
(SFL Customer)
Oginni O.
(SFL Customer)
Josh T.
(SFL Customer)

*Individual results may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m 40, 50, or 60+ years old. Is this for me?

Yes! All of the workout and diet guidelines in this program are adjusted based on what’s best for each person, regardless of age. So whether you’re younger, older, or somewhere in between, you can feel confident knowing that everything is tailored specifically to what’s ideal for your age group.

Will I have to do hours of boring cardio?

Nope. Cardio is completely optional on this program, so if you like doing it and want to do it, you absolutely can (and I’ll show you the best way to make it work). But if you hate cardio and don’t want to do it? You don’t have to do a single second of it. Literally none. It’s up to your own preferences, and I’ll show you how to decide.

What if I have a question about something?

I’m here to help! Superior Fat Loss includes unlimited access directly to me. So if you have a question about anything, all you have to do is email me and I’ll personally reply ASAP. There is no annoying “support staff” you need to go through first. You always have direct access to me and only me.

How does the money back guarantee work?

It’s pretty simple. You have 60 days to check out Superior Fat Loss and start putting it into action. If you’re not happy with any aspect of the program or you’re not completely satisfied with your results, you get your money back. Every bit of it. Just send me an email and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Is this for men, women, or both?

Definitely both! In fact, Superior Fat Loss often contains two sets of guidelines: one specifically for men, and one specifically for women. This way, everything is tailored to you based on gender, so you’re always doing what’s best for you and the type of body you want to have.

Will there be a lot of annoying diet rules?

Hell no! There are no unnecessary rules or restrictions to follow here. There are no stupid lists of “foods you can’t eat” or “foods you must eat” or special times you must eat or not eat and so on. Screw that. This program is all about adjusting everything to be as convenient, enjoyable, and sustainable for you as possible.

Is this a physical product that gets shipped?

Nope, this is a digital download that you’ll be able to view on any computer, phone, or tablet. That means there are NO extra shipping costs and NO waiting for delivery. You get instant access to everything described on this page immediately after your purchase and can start using it today.

I want it! What happens now?

Awesome! Just click the big orange button below and you’ll be taken through my secure checkout process where you can safely pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal. It will be a one-time payment of only $49, and you’ll be able to download everything right after that. Then it’s yours forever, and all future updates are free.

*The pictures and testimonials on this page were sent in by real users of Superior Fat Loss who allowed me to share their real-life experiences with this program and the awesome results they got. Individual results may vary, of course. These are examples of some of the best results people have gotten and are therefore not considered “typical.” These men and women took action and followed the program correctly and consistently, whereas the “typical” person doesn’t even use the programs they buy (which is why “typical” results suck). In other words, your results may vary based on a variety of factors, the most important of which will be putting this program into action correctly and consistently. As long as you do that, positive results will follow.