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Welcome to the program that’ll allow you to build lean muscle as quickly and effectively as possible without gaining excess body fat along the way.

Interested? You certainly should be.

Superior Muscle Growth uses a combination of proven science and real world experience to create a diet and workout program that will produce the ideal muscle building results you've been looking for.

This isn't just what worksThis is what works best.

Do You Want To Build Muscle And Have A Great Looking Body?

Maybe you want to build just enough muscle to get that lean “fitness model” body. Maybe you want to push your natural genetic limits to the max. Either way, to get your goal body, you need to gain more muscle.

I Have 3 Questions For You...

Do You Want To Do It As Fast And Effectively As Possible?

No one wants slow, below-average results. Hell, you don’t even want average results. What you truly want here is above-average results. You want to reach your muscle building goals as quickly as possible.

Do You Want To Avoid Gaining Ugly Body Fat While You Do It?

The worst part about trying to build muscle is the excessive amounts of fat most of us end up gaining along the way. To prevent it, you’re going to need to maximize lean muscle while minimizing body fat.

Did You Answer Yes To All Of These Questions?

It means allowing you to maximize lean muscle while minimizing body fat.

It means allowing you to build whatever amount of muscle you want to build as quickly and effectively as it can be done.

It means allowing you to make this happen while simultaneously preventing you from gaining excess body fat along the way… thus keeping you as lean as realistically possible the entire time.

It means using an ideal combination of proven science and real world experience to strategically adjust every single major and minor aspect of diet, nutrition, weight training, cardio, supplementation and lifestyle for the sole purpose of working to your advantage and producing superior results.

It means clearly explaining the how’s, why’s and what’s of building muscle in plain English, and definitively answering every question you've previously had, currently have or will ever have about it.

It means directly laying out exactly what you need to do and exactly how you need to do it so you can put this program into action immediately and start getting the results you want from it.

It means eliminating all of the unproven bullshit that prevents you from getting the results you want. The silly myths, laughable fads, annoying diet restrictions, counterproductive workouts, useless supplements and more.

It means you can stop wasting your time. Stop wasting your effort. Stop wasting your money. Stop searching. Stop reading. Stop watching. Stop asking. Stop trying. Stop wondering. Stop second-guessing. Stop failing. It means you can finally have the confidence of knowing that everything is being done just right.

Good, Because That's Exactly What

Superior Muscle Growth Is Designed To Do

You see, Superior Muscle Growth is an instantly-downloadable muscle building program built entirely around one goal and one goal only: getting you the absolute best results you are capable of getting. What does that mean exactly, you ask? Well...

It means Superior Muscle Growth isn't designed to just “work.” It doesn't care about simply “being effective.” It has no interest in getting you “average” results. This isn't that kind of program. Superior Muscle Growth is all about what works best, what’s most effective, and getting you above-average results (even from below-average genetics).

Think Of Every Problem You've Previously Had When Trying To Build Muscle. Superior Muscle Growth Is Going To Solve ALL Of Them.

You gain too much body fat while only trying to gain muscle.

So for every pound of muscle you build, it seems like just as much body fat comes along with it. In fact, it often seems like you gain a lot more fat than muscle.

You "bulk" and "cut" only to end up right back where you started.

You spend months alternating between gaining and losing the same muscle and fat over and over, never making any meaningful progress in the end (and often looking worse, not better).

You gain a nice amount of strength, but very little muscle.

So you follow the workout program and you do just fine in terms of making strength gains, but your actual muscle gains are greatly lacking in comparison.

Everyone else's results are always better than yours.

Why does it seem like everyone else does better than you? Why does everyone else build muscle faster than you? What are they doing that you aren't doing?

Your diet has tons of stupid, annoying, unnecessary rules and restrictions.

And you hate being forced to avoid foods you love and eat foods you hate, and you can't stand being told to eat in a manner that doesn't suit your personal preferences.

You're not 100% confident that you're doing what's going to work best.

And since you lack confidence in your program, you always have that lingering feeling that there might be something newer and better out there that you should be doing instead.

You're "skinny-fat." You need to build muscle AND lose fat.

Yet every program you find only seems to be made for one goal or the other. There's just never one designed for doing what your body currently needs the most at this exact point.

You never build muscle as quickly and effectively as you could be doing it.

So maybe you make some okay progress, but it's always below-average and it always seems to happen much slower than it realistically should. You're just not maximizing your results.

Your genetics suck, and your program doesn't take that into account.

Most muscle building programs are made for people with amazing genetics and tons of drugs. But you're natural and have below-average genetics, so they're completely useless for you.

Your results are non-existent. You try everything but get nowhere.

You've spent months or even years working your ass off to build muscle, but you've gotten absolutely nowhere and have virtually nothing to show for all of that time and effort.

You have a busy schedule and just don't have a lot of time to work out.

But yet every muscle building program provides you with just one scheduling option that you have to somehow try to make work no matter how inconvenient it might be for your life.

You're confused, unsure and simply overloaded with information.

You read every article, post on every forum, watch every video and buy every program, but now you're so overwhelmed by it all that you don't even know what to do.

Superior Muscle Growth Is Your Ultimate Solution To

Every Single One Of These Common Problems



Think Of Every Question

You Have About Building Muscle.

Superior Muscle Growth Answers ALL Of Them.

Weight Training

What factors of weight training are scientifically proven to stimulate muscle growth? What’s the most effective way to put them together within your workout program?

Diet and Nutrition

Which factors of your diet truly influence your muscle building results (and how should you adjust them?), and which factors are just stupid myths that you should ignore?


Will cardio help or hurt your ability to build muscle and avoid gaining fat? How much can you do without hindering growth? What type should you do/when should you do it?


Are there any supplements that are legitimately proven to be safe and beneficial for building muscle? How and when should they be taken? What form is most effective?

Calorie Intake

How many calories should you eat each day to build muscle? What’s the perfect size for your surplus to be? What’s the most accurate method of calculating it?

Protein Intake

How much protein should you eat each day? Maybe 0.7g-0.8g of protein per pound of body weight? Maybe 1g? Maybe 1.5g? Maybe more? Maybe less? And why?

Fat Intake

How many grams of fat should you eat per day? Are there certain types you should eat and certain types you need to avoid? What role does it play in building muscle?

Carb Intake

How many grams of carbs should you eat per day? Are there certain types you should eat and certain types you need to avoid? What role does it play in building muscle?

Calorie Cycling

Should you eat more calories on your workout days, and less calories on your rest days? What benefits does calorie cycling provide? What’s the best way to do it?

Nutrient Cycling

Should you eat more protein, fat or carbs on your workout days, and less on rest days? What benefits does nutrient cycling provide? What’s the best way to do it?

Calorie Partitioning

Why do we gain body fat when we’re only trying to gain muscle, and then lose muscle when we’re only trying to lose body fat? How do we prevent this from happening?

Workout Design

How should your workouts be designed? Which frequency, split, volume, set/rep range, exercises, rest periods, rep tempo, progression method (and more) is best for you?

Nutrient Timing

Some claim the pre and post workout meals are extremely important. Others claim they don’t even matter. Which one is true, and how should these meals be designed?


How do alcohol, sleep and sex effect the muscle building process? How much can you drink, how much sleep do you really need, and should sexual activity be limited?

Meal Frequency

How many meals should you eat per day? How frequently should you eat them? Should you eat earlier or later in the day? Should you have breakfast or skip it completely?

Rates and Limits

How much muscle can the average man or woman actually build? How fast can it actually be built? And what role does genetics, age and gender play in everything?

Superior Muscle Growth

Answers All Of This And More



Finally... A Program Designed Specifically For

Your Body, Your Needs And Your Preferences

This Isn't Some Generic One-Size-Fits-All Program.

Superior Muscle Growth Is Custom Tailored To YOU!

One thing that sucks about typical muscle building programs is that they're designed to be universally effective for everyone. The problem, however, is that we're not all the same. We have different needs, different preferences and different bodies that benefit from slightly different things.

That's why Superior Muscle Growth is set up in a way that takes ALL of our individual differences into account. How so? By giving you the options and guidelines you need to do what's most effective for YOU. What I mean is, I will clearly lay out specific recommendations based on all of the following personal factors...

Sure, there are many similarities between what men and women need to do to get the muscle building results they desire. However, there are also a few extremely important differences that need to be taken into account. For this reason, SMG contains a handful of specific guidelines that only apply to men, and others that only apply to women.

Your Gender

Some people are in their teens or 20's, others in their 30's or 40's, and others in their 50's, 60's and above. And while we may all want to build muscle, the simple fact of life is that the human body is capable of different things at different ages. That's why there are certain crucial diet and training adjustments that need to be made to allow each age group to make the best progress they are capable of making. SMG makes all of these adjustments.

Your Age

It would be awesome if we all had above-average genetics, but we don't. Most of us have average genetics, while many of us are stuck with below-average genetics (this is me raising my hand). The good news however is that there are certain intelligent modifications that can be made to a muscle building program to get above-average results out of average or even below-average genetics. SMG makes all of these modifications.

Your Genetics

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee? I ask because there are plenty of differences between what works best for each experience level. In order for you to maximize the results you are capable of getting, you must always ensure that you're doing what has proven to work best at each stage. SMG will guarantee that you are.

Your Experience Level

How busy are you? Can you only work out on certain days of the week? Or only a certain number of times per week? Or only have a certain amount of time to dedicate to each individual workout? That's fine, because SMG will provide you with every convenient scheduling option you'll need to make it work.

Your Schedule

Are there certain foods that you love to eat and others you want to avoid? Or a certain number of meals per day (3? 6?), or a certain schedule (earlier or later?), or a certain approach (Intermittent Fasting? Paleo? Vegan/Vegetarian?) that you prefer? Fine by me. SMG will give you all of the freedom you need to satisfy any personal preference you may have.

Your Diet Preferences

Are there certain aspects of weight training that you prefer over others? Perhaps certain exercises you like better than others? Or a certain workout split (push/pull/legs, upper/lower, full body, etc.) that you enjoy more? Or a certain number of workouts per week (2, 3, 4, 5?) that you like best? Good, because SMG is going to give you the options you need to suit all of those preferences.

Your Training Preferences

Do you work out at home with a limited amount of equipment? Do you work out in a gym that just lacks certain equipment? No problem. For every exercise being used in one of SMG's workouts, there will always be additional replacement exercises for you to choose from that will accommodate whatever equipment you have available.

Your Available Equipment

While we all want to build muscle, some of us have slightly different goals in mind. For example, some of us only want to build a little bit of muscle in all the right places, while others want to build as much muscle as their bodies are genetically capable of building. Similarly, some of us want to look like fitness models, some like athletes, and some like natural bodybuilders. This is all perfectly fine. Why? Because regardless of what your personal goals are or what type of body you are trying to create, SMG is designed to get you there as quickly as possible.

Your Personal Goals

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The Best Workout Routines

Here Are The Workouts You Get

In Superior Muscle Growth...

Most muscle building programs usually contain either a single workout routine or something like "12 weeks of workouts." But what are you supposed to do if the included workout doesn't happen to suit your personal schedule, needs or training preferences? And what the hell are you supposed to do after those 12 weeks?

That's where Superior Muscle Growth is very different. It includes a newly updated version of The Best Workout Routines - my highly praised and extremely popular collection of the most effective workouts I've ever used myself or designed for others - which has now been tailored specifically to become a part of Superior Muscle Growth.

It contains 11 proven workout routines, 40+ different versions, and an infinite number of options to suit any schedule, any amount of equipment, any training preference and any personal goal. This isn't the usual "12 weeks of workouts." This is an entire lifetime of workouts. Let me show you...

The Muscle Building Workout Routine (Expanded Edition)

I simply call this program “The Muscle Building Workout Routine” for 2 reasons. First, it’s often the first routine I recommend to people whose #1 goal is building any amount of muscle. Second, because it’s the muscle building workout that I personally used to instantly go from getting below-average results to above-average results.

This routine was my “game-changer,” and I’ve spent the last few years tweaking, adjusting and testing it to make it even MORE effective for you than it originally was for me. The results I’ve gotten and the amazing results I’ve seen countless others get speaks for itself and confirms this increased effectiveness.

This ALL NEW expanded edition gives you complete access to the full details of this routine along with 2 NEW never-before-mentioned split and scheduling options (one of which is my personal favorite of all) and 5 NEW versions of the workouts that incorporate new set and rep ranges, new adjustments, new methods and much more.

Bodybuilding 2.0: The Enhanced Muscle Growth Program

Bodybuilding workouts are supposed to be the most effective way to build muscle. But like any reader of this website already knows, that typical high volume/low frequency garbage only works for genetic freaks and people using tons of steroids.

That’s why my Bodybuilding 2.0 program is completely different. This enhanced bodybuilding routine is specifically designed for us natural, genetically average people in a way that adjusts every key training component to be absolutely ideal for maximum muscle growth.

Guess what else? It doesn’t use an upper/lower split or a full body split. It uses a more traditional “body part split” that has now been specially modified into 3 different scheduling options that are all MUCH more effective than every typical body part split I hate and tell you to avoid.

So, if you’re trying to build muscle and create a body that looks absolutely amazing, it’s time to ignore the methods of “Bodybuilding 1.0″ and start using Bodybuilding 2.0 to finally get the results you want.

Targeted Lean Muscle

There are really only 2 ways to improve the way your body looks. You can lose some fat from the right body parts, or add some quality lean muscle to the right body parts.

As you probably already know, targeting specific areas of fat is a myth known as “spot reduction.” It just can’t be done. However, what CAN be done is “spot addition.”

Since weight training targets muscles and not fat, that means certain aspects of your workout can be adjusted to emphasize certain muscle groups more so than others. And that’s exactly what my Targeted Lean Muscle program allows you to do.

This routine is designed to add quality lean muscle to your body while providing you with different set ups that place more targeted emphasis on your chest, or back, or shoulders, or quads, or hamstrings.

Outstanding Arms: The Bis/Tris Specialization Program

If there’s one thing everyone wants, it’s awesome looking arms. Every guy wants their biceps and triceps to be bigger and more impressive looking, and every girl wants a pair of sexy “toned” arms to show off when they go sleeveless.

If typical workouts aimed at improving your entire body equally just aren't getting the job done, then the next best option is an arm specialization program. However, the problem with specialization programs is that the progress of every other body part is put “on hold” while that one specialized area gets all of the attention.

Are you really willing to sacrifice the results of the entire rest of your body just to improve your biceps/triceps? I sure as hell wasn't, which is why I came up with a solution.

Outstanding Arms is a new kind of arm specialization routine that is designed to work amazingly well for the ENTIRE body while working EXTRA well for the muscle groups we’re trying to improve the most… the biceps and triceps. That means the rest of the body continues to improve while arm results are enhanced.

Upper Body Focused Training

Do you care a lot more about improving your upper body than improving your lower body? Are you already satisfied with your legs? Do you just want to temporarily shift your focus more towards upper body training?

If so, you’re not alone. I’ve noticed that there are many people who are more interested in their upper body (chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps) than they are with their legs.

But for some reason, people on internet forums will tell you this is wrong. They’ll claim that you’re a baby for wanting to focus more on those “just-for-show” muscles. They’ll claim squats are more important. They’ll claim you should be more interested in building awesome legs than building an awesome upper body.

The thing is, who is anyone else to tell you what your goals should be? If you want to focus more on your upper body and your “show-off muscles,” then that’s EXACTLY what you should do. But… you should do it RIGHT.

That’s why I’m happy to finally bring you an entire workout routine designed around what your goals actually are: getting enhanced upper body results.

This program is specifically made to allow you to maintain your current levels of leg muscle and strength while EXTRA emphasis and focus is placed on improving your upper body. That means your legs will be maintained while your chest, back, shoulders and arms make superior progress.

Lower Body Focused Training

The Upper Body Focused Training program I just told you about is perfect if you’re looking to put more emphasis on your upper body than your lower body. But what if you have the opposite of that goal in mind?

What if you feel your quads, hamstrings, glutes or calves are lagging behind the rest of your body in terms of development (muscle, strength, etc.). What if you just want to shift more of your training focus towards getting BETTER lower body results?

Well, that’s exactly what my Lower Body Focused Training program is designed to do. Now you’ll be able to maintain your current levels of upper body muscle and strength while EXTRA emphasis and focus is placed on improving your legs.

The 2 Day Workout Routine: Minimal Time/Maximum Results

I've heard people give a lot of excuses over the years for why they aren't as lean or muscular as they wish they were. But, one of the most common excuses of all is this: “I’m just too busy. I don’t have enough time to work out.”

It’s a fair excuse, of course. Work, school, family, friends and life just get in the way and prevent us from having the time we need to get the results we want. And when the only workout routines you see typically involve doing 4, 5 or even 6 workouts per week, it just seems impossible. 

Well, The 2 Day Workout Routine is designed to change that completely! You WON’T have to try to find time to do 6 workouts, or 5 workouts, or 4 workouts or even 3 workouts. Instead, this routine is specially constructed to be done in JUST 2 WORKOUTS PER WEEK! And you even get to pick which days.

That’s right… I've taken everything that makes a 4 day routine so effective and transformed it into the most convenient and highly successful 2 day workout routine you will ever see. That means no more trying to make time for your workouts. Now the workouts are custom made for your busy schedule.

Maximum Muscle Hypertrophy

Maximum Muscle Hypertrophy is one of my favorite 3 day workout routines aimed at building muscle.

The reason why is because most 3 day programs are forced to use a full body split in order for a sufficient training frequency to be reached. The downside is that, if you’re past the beginner level, then full body is usually NOT the most effective way to train for this goal.

To fix this, I modified a fairly popular split that I always liked a little and turned it into a split that I now like A LOT. I then inserted the optimal amounts of volume for each muscle group and put it all together to create the perfect 3 day muscle hypertrophy routine.

The Fat Loss + Muscle Maintenance Solution

One of the biggest problems people face when losing fat is that they end up losing their hard earned muscle in the process. You see, people like to say they want to “lose weight,” but what they really want to do is only lose body fat while maintaining all of their lean muscle mass.

The problem is, most of the typical fat loss workouts and methods people use only help to CAUSE that muscle loss rather than prevent it from happening. It’s one of the biggest complaints I see, and it’s something that I’ve personally experienced first hand. Muscle loss during my fat loss phases was a regular occurrence for me in the past.

That was until I discovered a solution. A specific training frequency and volume that, when combined with a certain weekly split and intensity format, has allowed me (and countless others) to preserve every single pound of lean muscle while body fat is easily lost.

While I’ve been able to effectively apply these modifications to various workout routines, I’ve found that there’s ONE specific routine that makes it all work with the greatest success. You’ll now have the full details of that program, which will damn near guarantee you never lose a pound of lean muscle ever again.

The Beginner Weight Training Routine (Expanded Edition)

Did you know that beginners are able to build muscle, increase strength, and improve the way their body looks and performs MUCH faster than an intermediate or advanced person ever could? It’s true.

All you need to do is use a workout routine that is designed to produce these enhanced results. As it turns out, there’s really only been ONE specific program that I’ve recommended to beginners for making this happen, and I’ve seen it work so amazingly well time after time that I’ve never had a reason to recommend anything else. 

I simply call this program The Beginner Weight Training Workout Routine, and this ALL NEW expanded edition gives you complete access to its full details along with 1 NEW never-before-seen version of the workouts. So if you fit into the “beginner” category, look no further. This is the routine that has been proven to work best for you.

3DM: The 3 Day Mass Gaining Routine

The majority of the upper and lower body based weight training routines you come across are designed to be done over 4 days per week. That’s 2 upper body workouts, and 2 lower body workouts.

The thing is, many people can only work out 3 days per week instead of 4 (or just prefer it that way). So, what people often do in this case is reschedule that 4 day routine over 3 days instead. This is often just fine… but the truth is that it’s never as perfect as it originally was because it’s really meant to be a 4 day routine. 

Well, that’s why I've created 3DM, The 3 Day Mass Gaining Routine that is designed specifically (and ONLY) for being done using the 3-day upper/lower split. Now instead of trying to make a 4 day program work over 3 days, you’ll be using a program custom made with 3 days in mind.

Superior Muscle Growth Gives You All Of The

Workouts And Options You Will Ever Need



FREE Email Support and FREE Updates For Life

I Will Personally Answer Your Questions And Give You The Help You Need In The Form Of FREE Email Support

Unlike every typical fitness guru, I actually care about you and the results you get using this program, and I want to see you do as well as possible with it. For this reason, Superior Muscle Growth comes with FREE email support directly from me. So if you have any questions about any aspect of this program or you're just unsure about how to put any part of it into action... I'm going to be here to help you.


I Will Update This Program To Stay On The Cutting Edge Of Research And Recommendations, And You'll Get Every Update For FREE

Superior Muscle Growth will be the only program I ever create for building muscle. But you might wonder, what happens if new scientific research comes out that's relevant to muscle growth? What if my recommendations or opinions change at some point in the future? Simple. I will update this program as needed and then automatically send you the updated version for FREE... for LIFE!


100% Money-Back Guarantee

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