The Home Workouts You Need To Build Your Ideal Body

With Little Or No Equipment

A Workout Routine

You usually work out in a gym.

Even If...

You don't have the money or space to buy any weights.

You have no motivation to work out at home.

You have no idea how to get started.

You don't even believe home workouts can work for you.

If you go to Google or YouTube and search for “home workout,” or scroll through your social media feed looking for home workouts, do you know what you’ll find 99% of the time?

Complete shit. 

Just stupid, ineffective, laughable, myth-based garbage that isn’t going to work for you (or me).

It's stuff that will leave you feeling disappointed months from now when your body looks exactly the same as it does today, or potentially even worse if you end up losing muscle

So... why are typical home workouts so bad?

It comes down to 6 major problems… 

Let Me Ask You A Question

Are you working out at home with little to no equipment?

Nothing but some dumbbells, or resistance bands, or literally just your own body weight

Cool, me too.  

And are you thinking...  

Cool, because when the COVID-19 lockdown started, I was thinking the exact same things.

Even though I knew better, and I’ve spent 15 years helping hundreds of other people with their own home workouts, this was the very first time I ever found myself in a situation where I no longer had access to a gym.

Which meant, it was the first time I needed to figure out a way to workout at home myself. 

Even worse... I had to do it with hardly any equipment available.

Lucky me! 

Honestly? Everything went extremely well.

It turns out that all of those thoughts, doubts, and worries from before are bullshit. Because...

As long as you know what you’re doing, it’s absolutely possible AND surprisingly easy to effectively work out at home and get the results you want. Yes, even with little to no equipment.

So what's the big “trick” or “secret” to this, you ask? It’s simple. 

All you have to do is take the scientifically proven principles of what makes working out in a gym so effective, and adapt them to your home workouts to make them equally effective

Because the truth is… you don't need a gym

You just need a home workout that works as well as an effectively-designed gym workout. 

There’s just one big problem…

“There’s no way this can work."

“There’s no way this can be effective enough.”

“LOL! Resistance bands?!? Seriously?”

“This can't come close to being as good as a fully equipped gym.”

“This sucks... I’m screwed… why should I even bother trying?”

“There’s no way I can get the results I want (or even just maintain the progress I’ve already made) without going to a gym or spending thousands of dollars on home workout equipment.” 

Most Home Workouts Are Crap

Do You Know What Happened During The Months That Followed?

The 6 Problems With Home Workouts

Problem #1: They’re too easy for you, and practically useless.

Most home workouts are designed to be “something you can easily do at home” rather than “something that’s actually going to be effective enough to work.” 

That’s why you see so many workouts that are filled with stuff like bicep curls while holding a soup can, or body weight squats with no additional weight added, or push-ups against a wall, or other similar exercises that aren’t going to be challenging enough for anyone but the most out of shape complete beginner (and even then, you’ll be ready for something more challenging pretty fast).

Problem #2: They’re too hard for you, and not very realistic. 

Don’t you love when you come across a home workout that claims “no equipment needed” and you think “that’s perfect, because I hardly have any equipment!” 

But then you look at the list of exercises and it’s stuff like handstand push-ups, 1-arm pull-ups, pistol squats, crazy gymnastic moves that no normal person can actually do, and other super advanced exercises that simply aren’t realistic options for you. 

Problem #3: They require equipment you don’t have.

Why do so many supposed “home workouts” assume we all have a squat rack in our living room? And a barbell with hundreds of pounds of weight? And tons of dumbbells? And an adjustable bench? And 50 other things you probably don’t have in your house? If we actually had all of this stuff, we wouldn’t need a “home workout” in the first place.

Problem #4: They're creative, but dangerous.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. If you find a workout that tells you to do inverted rows from a broomstick that’s balanced on the top of two chairs and being held in place via sheer luck alone… run the other way immediately

This kind of “creative” stuff looks cool in a 5-second video on social media, but what you’re not seeing are the 12,000 people who tried it and damn near killed themselves.

Problem #5: They’re based on myths instead of proven science.

In order for ANY workout routine to be effective, there are certain scientifically proven guidelines that must be in place. For example, how often you’re training each body part per week, the schedule being used, how many sets, reps, and exercises you’re doing, how heavy or light the weight is, how long you rest between sets, how often you progress over time, and more. 

And when I see the typical home workouts most people use, it’s pretty obvious that the “expert” who designed it didn’t have a clue what they were doing.

Problem #6: They don't work for the goals you care about.

Pay close attention to this one. You see, most home workouts will make you really sweaty, tired, fatigued, sore, and out of breath after… which is fine if you’re training for some kind of endurance sport or to burn a few extra calories.

But if you’re working out at home because you want to build muscle, get more tone and definition, gain strength, maintain muscle while losing fat, and build an awesome looking body, then these types of endurance-style workouts aren’t going to help you.

How Do You Solve These Problems?

You have 2 options...

Option #1: Search around, waste time, try something, make no progress, get frustrated, and repeat all over again.

With this option, you can look forward to spending countless hours of your time searching through websites, videos, apps, social media, and on and on and on… hoping to find a workout that doesn’t suffer from at least one of those 6 problems.

Then you have to spend the next few months testing it out on your own to see if it actually works, or if it's just another ineffective workout that leaves you looking exactly the same as you do right now (or potentially even worse if you end up losing muscle in the process). 

If this sounds like a good option to you, then by all means… feel free to give it a shot. 

But believe me when I tell you, that whole experience is going to suck. I know this, because I’ve seen what’s out there. Especially with the COVID-19 situation. I’ve had hundreds of people email me to get my opinion on the home workout they found, and 99% of the time... it’s crap.


Option #2: Make this easy and let me instantly solve it all for you.

For 15 years, I’ve been solving people’s home workout problems for them, and helping them make amazing transformations without a gym or expensive equipment. 

And during all of the months after COVID-19 began, I did the same for myself and all of my coaching clients who were stuck at home with little to no equipment for the first time.

And as my inbox continued to fill up with emails from countless men and women who were now in that same position and coming to me for help, I decided to take everything that’s been working amazingly well for me and my clients and put it out there so it can work amazingly well for you, too.


The Home Workout Guide is the ultimate system for easily getting the results you want at home, with no gym or fancy equipment needed.

This is the exact framework of workouts, exercises, and training guidelines that I’ve been personally using myself and with all of my coaching clients with fantastic results, and I’ve been adjusting and improving it even further during the COVID-19 lockdown to make it even better.

This instantly-downloadable guide will give you everything you need to effectively build muscle, get lean, maintain muscle, gain strength, get more tone and definition, and achieve your ideal body using only resistance bands, dumbbells, or just your own body weight.


The Home Workout Guide

The 3 factors that determine if a home workout will work, and how to adjust each of them to guarantee that it's effective for the goals you care about.

Here's What You'll Learn

How to replace every “gym exercise” with a “home exercise” that provides the same training stimulus, so you’re able to fully train each body part no matter what kind of equipment you have... even if you don’t have any equipment at all.

The scientifically proven requirement that will ensure advanced lifters who usually train in a gym don't lose any of their lean muscle while they’re working out at home

My simple 2-step formula that will allow you to easily turn ANY effective gym workout into an equally effective home workout. (You’ll laugh when you see how simple this part is.) 

The quick and simple steps to creating a diet plan that will fuel your home workouts, maximize your recovery, and support your goals/health.

How to avoid wasting another minute of your time searching for workouts or experimenting on your own, and instead use proven home workouts that have already been tested and improved over a period of years to be as effective for you as possible. Just pick a workout and feel confident knowing it’s going to work.

How to see better progress sooner than ever, which will finally keep you motivated to continue making even more progress.

Why most of the fancy and expensive home workout equipment you see isn’t needed, so you can save a ton of money and space with a few cheap and easy-to-store items instead. (Completely optional, of course.)

The 7 training strategies that will allow you to turn “light weight” into “effective weight” and turn exercises that are too easy for you into exercises that are exactly challenging enough to build your ideal body.

And so... much... more.

Here's Everything You Get

Home Workouts For Every Schedule

No matter what kind of schedule you have, or how often you’re able to work out each week, or what your preferences are, there's a workout that will be as conveinent and easy to fit into your life as you need it to be.

2-Day Home Workouts

4-Day Home Workouts

3-Day Home Workouts

5-Day Home Workouts

($67 value)

The Home Workout Equipment Walk-Through

If you're thinking about getting any kind of home workout equipment (dumbbells, resistance bands, pull-up bar, etc.), I’ll walk you through the most affordable, beneficial, and easy-to-store options for your goals, tell you the pros and cons of each item, and give you my recommendations for which I think are best. 

($47 value)

The Step-By-Step Diet Creation Guide

This quick and simple guide will show you how to create the best diet plan for your specific needs, goals, and preferences in just a few easy steps. This includes...

Calorie Intake

Protein Intake

Fat Intake

Carb Intake

Pre and post workout meals.

Ideal rate of progress for building muscle or losing fat.

How to make your diet enjoyable and sustainable so it’s easy for you to stay consistent.

($67 value)

Home Workout Myths Debunked

The “typical” home workouts you find are built around silly myths and bad information. I’ll show you the pros and cons of each of these kinds of workouts, and how to avoid the fundamental mistakes they all make.

($37 value)

The Effective Workout Checklist

There are 3 required factors your home workouts need to have in order to be effective for you and your specific goals. I’ll show you exactly what they are, and how to make sure you’re getting all 3 of them right so you're always getting the best results as fast as possible.

($37 value)

170+ Home Exercises... With Videos For Each

No matter what kind of equipment you have available at home, you'll find more than 170 exercise options to choose from for every body part. This includes...

Body Weight Exercises

Dumbbell Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises

Video examples for every exercise.

Learn proper form to avoid injury and ensure you're effectively training the target muscle groups.

($67 value)

Home Workouts For Every Experience Level

Whether it’s your first time working out or you’ve been training consistently for years in a gym, there will be workouts for you to get started using today.

Beginner Home Workouts

Intermediate Home Workouts

Advanced Home Workouts

($67 value)

The Exercise Adjustment Protocol

Depending on your experience level and current strength levels, certain exercises may be a little too hard or a little too easy for you. To fix this, I’ll show you how to adjust the exercises you’re doing to make them exactly as challenging as you need them to be right now, and then gradually make them even more challenging over time so you continue seeing results. 

($37 value)

Get Instant Access To

The Home Workout Guide

100% Money Back Guarantee

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The Home Workout Guide is on sale for a limited time to make it more affordable to anyone who needs it while gyms are closed due to COVID-19.

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You either get results or you get your money back.

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Here's What Else You Get

When You Buy It Today

Lifetime Updates

Whenever I update The Home Workout Guide to add new workouts, new exercises, new videos, or to adjust my recommendations to always be up-to-date on scientific research, you will receive every new version for FREE! That means each time I release an update, you’ll automatically get an email containing a download link to get instant access to the new version. Simple as that. 

($77 value)

Unlimited Email Support

You get unlimited access directly to me to ask any workout or diet questions you have along the way to building your ideal body. That means you can feel confident knowing I’m always just an email away to provide the answers you need whenever you need them. No more confusion. No more second-guessing yourself. No more wasting time searching for answers. Just ask me instead. 

($197 value)

If you're working out at home with limited equipment (e.g. bands or dumbbells) or no equipment at all (just your own body weight), then YES... The Home Workout Guide is definitely for you. Male or female. Young or old. This is the complete system of workouts, exercises, and guidelines you’ll need to get the results you want.

Is The Home Workout Guide right for me?

Absolutely! There are beginner workouts included, along with tons of exercise options for different experience levels and strength levels to ensure you’re fully able to use them no matter where you’re starting out. There’s also video examples for each exercise, so you’ll be able to learn exactly how it’s done.

I'm a complete beginner. Is this for me?

I'm here to help. The Home Workout Guide includes unlimited access directly to me. So if you have a question, you can just send me an email and I’ll personally reply ASAP. There is no annoying "support staff" you need to go through first. You always have direct access to me and only me.

What if I have a question about something?

It's pretty simple. You have 60 days to check out The Home Workout Guide and start putting it into action. If you're not happy with any aspect of the program or you're not completely satisfied with your results, you get your money back. Every penny. Just send me an email and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Hell yes it is! I’ve been lifting in a gym for 15 years, and COVID-19 was the first time I ever needed to work out at home. Everything you see in The Home Workout Guide is exactly what I did myself during that time, as well as with all of my experienced coaching clients who were working out in a gym up until that point.

I usually work out in a gym. Is this for me?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yup! There are tons of body weight options, and tons of recommendations for how to use things you already have around the house to get even more options. And even though no equipment is required, if you happen to want to get a few items (e.g. resistance bands, etc.), I'll give you specific recommendations for the best and most affordable options that I personally use myself.

I have no equipment. Is this for me?

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