Losing Fat And Building Muscle Are Hard. We Make It Easy.

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching.

Exercise video library.

Custom-designed calories and macros.

Workouts, tools, videos, and guides.

Daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins.

An active and supportive community.

What Is The Results Crew?

Here's how it works...


First... We Learn All About You And Your Goals

Right after you join, we give you a quick and simple form to fill out that will allow us to learn everything we need to know about you and your specific needs, goals, and preferences. For example...





Experience level.

Your goals.

Your current diet and workout (if any).

Your available workout schedule.

What your struggles are (so we can solve them).

And other stuff like this.

Basically, we get all of the information we need to determine the most effective course of action for you. And if you're not sure what your goals should be at the moment (lose fat? build muscle? do both?), we help you figure that out, too.

An optional 20-minute phone call with us is also included.


Next... We Give You Workout Programs To Use And Custom Diet Guidelines To Follow

We provide you with proven workouts and diet guidelines based on the latest scientific research and our years of experience helping thousands of people reach goals like yours.

If any diet or workout customizations are needed, we work with you closely until everything fits you just right. That means...

 Workouts that suit your schedule, experience level, available equipment, exercise preferences, injury history, and of course... your goals.

Diet guidelines built around your custom-designed calorie and macro numbers, tailored as needed to ensure it's as preferable, enjoyable, convenient, and sustainable for you as possible.


Then... We Monitor Your Progress To Provide Ongoing Coaching, Adjustments, And Accountability

Every month, we check in with you directly to closely monitor your progress and see how everything is going. This allows us to:

Hold you accountable and keep you consistent with your diet and training.

Tell you exactly what adjustments to make, exactly when to make them, and answer every question you have along the way. It's all taken care of for you.

In addition to monthly check-ins, we also have daily or weekly options if you'd prefer checking in with us more often.


And... We Provide Everything Else You'll Need Along The Way

See for yourself.

Exercise Video Library

70+ videos. More added monthly.

Multiple angles, so you don't miss anything.

Clear instructions and narration.

No more wasted time searching YouTube.

Exercise Tutorials For Every Body Part

Chest exercises.

Back exercises. 

Shoulder exercises.

Glute exercises.

Quad exercises.

Hamstring exercises.

Biceps exercises. 

Triceps exercises. 

Warm-up/mobility exercises.

Unlimited Exercise Form Checks

Like a personal trainer, only significantly better.




You send us a video of yourself performing an exercise.

We send a video back to you with a full evaluation of your form.

You put our advice into action, and we check it again.

Shoot some video of yourself performing an exercise, and send it over to us privately for review. 

Our video will explain what you're doing well, what needs work, and clear instructions for what changes to make.

You can do this as many times as needed, as often as needed, for as many exercises as needed. 

Exclusive Members-Only Content

Workouts, videos, guides, articles, and tools.

Workout Library

20+ workouts. 2-5 day splits. Home workouts. Glute workouts. Full body. Upper/lower. Push/pull/legs. And more.


Calculators and tracking spreadsheets to help make reaching your goals a little easier and more efficient.

Workout Of The Month

Our ongoing series of monthly workouts that are strategically adjusted for you every single month.

Diet And Nutrition

Learn more about fat loss, muscle growth, protein, alcohol, eating out, tracking, refeeds, and so much more.

Weight Training And Cardio

Learn how to get the most out of your weight training and cardio workouts while avoiding common mistakes.

Motivation, Habits, And Mindset

Learn how to create the habits needed for success, and how to be consistent even when you're not feeling motivated.

New content is added regularly. We send out an email at the beginning of every month letting you know what's new.

The Results Crew Private Community

Active, supportive, and filled with awesome people.

Interact directly with your coaches and other members like yourself. Ask questions, check-in, start your own progress log, and have intelligent discussions about losing fat, building muscle, diet, exercise, and more. This isn't another useless Facebook group. This is a real community done right.

Unlimited Body Fat Percentage Estimations

What is your body fat percentage?

Not sure what your body fat percentage is? Wondering if you're lean enough to "bulk" or "cut"? Can't figure out if you should lose fat or build muscle first (or try to "recomp" and do both at the same time)? Uncertain if you're making good progress? Just send us some photos using our private body fat estimation form, and we'll tell you everything you need to know.

Join The Results Crew Today

Get the coaching, support, accountability, content, and community you need, from people who actually give a shit.



The Results Crew vs Typical Online Coaching

The Results Crew

Typical Online Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

Workouts + Custom Calories/Macros

Check-Ins And Adjustments

Exercise Video Library

Unlimited Exercise Form Checks

Unlimited Body Fat Estimates

Active And Supportive Community

Workout Library

Videos, Tools, Guides, And Articles

New Content Added Every Month


$300 - $600

Long-term contract.

Monthly Price

Cancel any time.

Who We Are

A combined 30 years of experience.

A Workout Routine


Coach, writer, author, researcher, and the guy behind AWorkoutRoutine.com. My work has been featured by the likes of Time, The Huffington Post, CNET, Business Week and more, referenced in studies, used in textbooks, and adapted by coaches, trainers, and diet professionals at every level. Helping people transform their bodies is what I do.


Personal fitness coach, author, writer, former fat boy, who possesses the uncanny ability to break down the complex science of fitness into easily understood, bite-sized + actionable chunks. My writing has been seen in Huffington Post, Men’s Heath, Men's Fitness, AskMen, CNN, Bodybuilding.com and Schwarzenegger.com.

There's no useless "support team" here.

You always have direct, 1-on-1 access to us.

Here's Everything You Get

Custom Calories & Macros

Ongoing Coaching

Unlimited Access To Us

Private Community

New Content Each Month

Workout Programs

Adjustments When Needed

Unlimited Body Fat Estimates

Tools, Guides, And Videos

Workout Library

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

Regular Check-Ins

Unlimited Form Checks

Accountability And Support

Exercise Video Library

...Plus Every New Feature That's Still To Come

Join The Results Crew Today

Get the coaching, support, accountability, content, and community you need, from people who actually give a shit.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Results Crew for?

The Results Crew is for anyone who is serious about getting the results they want. Male or female. Young or old. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced. If you need personalized help with your diet, your workout, your consistency, or any aspect of making sure you get your body (and mindset) where you want it to be, then The Results Crew is definitely for you.

What if I work out at home?

No problem at all! We'll provide you with all of the workouts, exercises, and guidelines you need to build the body you want at home using minimal equipment (like bands or dumbbells) or no equipment at all (just your own body weight). And we'll work with you to adjust everything to fit your specific needs, goals, and preferences. No gym needed.

How much does membership cost?

Membership for The Results Crew is now just $99 per month. And yes, that gives you full access to everything described on this page PLUS all of the new stuff we'll be adding each month and all of the amazing features we have planned for the future. You can stay a member for as long as you want and cancel any time. 

Will the membership price ever increase?

Once you're a member, you lock in that price for the life of your membership. So as we add more awesome features and content and tools and then increase the price accordingly, your price will always stay exactly the same. Increases will only apply to new members and those who have canceled their membership at some point and are now signing up again.

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely. Just contact us and let us know you'd like to cancel your membership, and we'll take care of it immediately. There are no contracts, no loopholes, no hassles, no hidden costs, and no questions asked. You're free to cancel whenever you want for whatever reason you want. So while we'd definitely hate to see you go, canceling is quick and easy.

I'm ready to join! What happens now?

Awesome! All you have to do is click the big button below and you'll be taken through our secure checkout process where you can safely pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal. It will be just $99/month. Immediately after, you'll receive an email with instructions for how to get started. The whole signup process will take less than a minute. We'll see you inside!

Join The Results Crew Today

Get the coaching, support, accountability, content, and community you need, from people who actually give a shit.



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