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Welcome to A Workout Routine! I’m going to provide you with everything you need to create the workout routine and diet plan that is BEST for you.

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To do this, I’ve put together a completely free step-by-step guide that will walk you through every aspect of building the workout program that will work best for your body, experience level, schedule, preferences and specific goals.

Which means, if you want to…

  • Build muscle.
  • Lose fat.
  • Increase strength and/or performance.
  • Improve your health.
  • Look great naked.
  • Or all of the above.

…then I’m going to help you create the workout routine that is custom tailored for reaching that goal as quickly and effectively as possible.

That includes the workouts you design, the exercises you select, the training split and schedule you set up, the weight training (or cardio) volume, frequency and intensity you plan to use, and more. I’m going to show you how to adjust all of it into your ideal workout program.

To get started, go here: Create My Free Workout

Create A Diet Plan For Free, Too!

In addition to creating your ideal workout routine, I’m also going to show you how to create your ideal diet plan.

To do this, I’ve put together another step-by-step guide called The 9-Step Diet Checklist To Lose Fat And Build Muscle.

It will help you figure out exactly how many calories to eat per day, how much protein, fat and carbs to eat per day, which foods to get these nutrients from, what to eat before and after your workout, and much more!

Even better, you can download this entire diet guide as a pretty PDF file that you can view on your computer, phone or tablet any time you want.

Just click here and tell me where to send it: Create My Free Diet


About This Website

Hi, I’m Jay. I’m the science-based writer, author, and researcher behind everything you see here on

I have 15+ years of experience helping thousands of men and women lose fat, gain muscle, and build their “goal body.”

My work has been featured by the likes of Time, The Huffington Post, CNET, Business Week, and more, referenced in studies, used in textbooks, quoted in publications, and adapted by coaches, trainers, and diet professionals at every level.

But most importantly, I’m someone who actually cares about you and the progress you make.

That’s why my goal here is to provide you with factual, trustworthy, evidence-based information about nutrition, exercise, losing fat, building muscle, and all related topics, so you’ll be better informed about what you need to do to get the results you’re looking for.