The Ultimate Weight Training Workout Routine

How would you like to create the ultimate weight training workout routine… for free?

You know, the one that will produce the results you want as fast as possible. Interested? Good, because that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do.

Below is a step-by-step guide to designing the weight training program that will work best for you, your body, your experience level, your schedule, your preferences, and your exact fitness goal.

So, if you’re ready to do this, the guide starts now…

  1. Things You MUST Know Before You Begin
  2. Weight Training Frequency
  3. Weight Training Schedules & Splits
  4. Weight Training Intensity & Rep Ranges
  5. Weight Training Volume
  6. Exercise Selection & Organization
  7. The Final Requirements
  8. Sample Workout Routines
  9. The End

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this guide for?

Uh, pretty much everyone. Basically, if you want to create the weight training workout routine that will work best for you and the results you want, then this guide is for you.

Men, women, young, old, fat, skinny, beginners, advanced… whatever.

Looking to build muscle, lose fat, increase strength, improve performance, get in better overall shape, be healthier, look great naked or any combination thereof.

Whoever you are and whatever your goal is… this guide is for you.

What if I have questions, comments or feedback?

If you have any questions (and they aren’t already answered in the comments section here) or feedback regarding anything in this guide, you can contact me here.

I actually answer. 😉

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