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Superior Fat LossSuperior Fat Loss

Do you want to lose fat, get lean and reach your goals as quickly, easily and effectively as realistically possible?

Do you want to do it without losing muscle, or feeling hungry all the time, or giving up the foods you love, or doing tons of cardio, or regaining the fat after you lose it, or having annoying diet rules and restrictions, or experiencing excessive metabolic slowdown and plateaus?

Cool. Here’s the program for that: Superior Fat Loss

Superior Fat Loss is my instantly-downloadable fat loss program designed from top to bottom to allow you to reach your fat loss goals and get your ideal body while avoiding everything that sucks about losing fat, and the countless problems and mistakes that cause most people to fail.

You can learn all about it right here: Superior Fat Loss

Superior Muscle GrowthSuperior Muscle Growth

Do you want to build muscle? Maybe just enough muscle to look like a lean fitness model? Maybe enough muscle to look like a natural bodybuilder? Maybe something in between?

If so, do you want to build that muscle as quickly and effectively as your body is capable of making it happen? And do you want to do it WITHOUT gaining excess body fat along the way?

Good. Now allow me to introduce: Superior Muscle Growth

Superior Muscle Growth is the ultimate instantly-downloadable program entirely designed for one specific purpose: allowing you to build lean muscle as quickly and effectively as possible without gaining excess body fat along the way. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Trust me, it is.

But please don’t take my word for it. See it for yourself: Superior Muscle Growth

The Results CrewThe Results Crew

Want more than just a book to read or a program to follow? Looking for something that’s more personalized to you, and customized to fit your specific needs, goals, and preferences? If so, I have exactly what you need.

The Results Crew is my online coaching program where I work directly with you 1-on-1. I’ll give you workouts to use, custom-designed diet guidelines to follow, and provide ongoing coaching to 1) hold you accountable and keep you consistent with your diet and training, and 2) tell you what adjustments to make, exactly when to make them, and answer every question you have a long the way.

The Results Crew also includes an entire exercise video library, exclusive guides and tools, an active and supportive community, unlimited exercise form checks and body fat estimations, and a whole lot more.

You can learn all about it right here: The Results Crew

The Best Workout Routines

(UPDATE: Superior Muscle Growth includes a newly updated version of The Best Workout Routines along with it. So if you’d like to save some money, my recommendation would be to just get Superior Muscle Growth.)

Are you ready to stop wasting your time and effort using workouts that DON’T work, and start using the routines that are already proven to work BEST? presents: The Best Workout Routines

This instantly-downloadable guide contains the most effective and highly successful workouts for every goal, schedule, experience level, training preference, and individual need you can think of. This includes…

  • 11 highly effective workouts.
  • Over 45 different versions.
  • Endless options for every goal & schedule.
  • All of the details & guidelines you’ll need to get superior results.

These are the EXACT workout routines that I’ve found to work BETTER than everything else over the last 12+ years, and you’ll now have instant access to all of them!

To see exactly which workouts are included and finally start getting the BEST results as FAST as possible, just click here: The Best Workout Routines