The PECS Method For Reaching Your Diet And Workout Goals

QUESTION: What is PECS? You mention it all the time and you’ve probably explained it before but I guess I missed it.

ANSWER: PECS is a super simple diet and workout concept that’s going to save you significant time and effort and make the process of losing fat, building muscle, and improving your body and health as easy for you as it can possibly be.

Intrigued? Let me explain…

Here’s How It Works

You know how there are certain fundamental diet and workout requirements that you need to put into action in order to get results?

You know… the important stuff that will account for 95% of your success?

Stuff like a caloric deficit for losing fat, progressive overload for building muscle, and that sort of stuff?

Well, once you have those factors covered, there are still 100 other factors that matter, but the specifics of which are much less important.

Yet these tend to be the factors that people spend the most time obsessing over, adjusting, thinking about, worrying about, being distracted by, and generally losing their minds over.

Even though, again, they’re factors that mainly play a supporting role to those fundamental requirements that matter most.

Fortunately, there’s a very simple way to deal with these various supporting factors.

The PECS Method

And that is by doing whatever is most preferable, enjoyable, convenient, and sustainable for you.

This is a sentence I’ve been writing for years.

It’s in my articles. It’s in my books. It’s in the weekly emails I send to subscribers. It’s in my replies to your messages. It’s everywhere.

And one random day, as I was writing out some version of this sentence for the 1000th time, I noticed something.



Here’s How To Use It


  • Should you workout 3 or 4 days per week? Whatever is most PECS for you.
  • Should you eat 0.8g or 1g of protein per pound of body weight? Whatever is most PECS for you.
  • Should you use an upper/lower split or push/pull/legs? Whatever is most PECS for you.
  • Should you eat white rice or brown rice? Whatever is most PECS for you.
  • Should you do squats or leg presses? Barbell press or dumbbell press? Pull-ups or chin-ups or lat pull-downs? Whatever is most PECS for you.
  • Should you eat 3 meals or 6 meals a day? Eat breakfast or skip it? Eat dinner at 6pm or 9pm? Whatever is most PECS for you.
  • Should you create a caloric deficit by eating less, burning more, or doing some combination of the two? Whatever is most PECS for you.

Here’s Why It Works

In the end, the biggest key to your success is putting the fundamental requirements for your goal into action consistently.

And the biggest key to making that consistency happen is putting everything together in whatever way is most Preferable, Enjoyable, Convenient, and Sustainable for you.

That’s what “PECS” is.

So, whenever you’re confused about some diet or workout factor, or you’re trying to decide between different options, or you’re wondering what will work best for you, take a minute and ask yourself what’s most PECS for you in that scenario.

In most cases, that will be all it takes to get the correct answer you need.

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