Meet Bryn: The Guy Who Easily Got A Six Pack Without Any Cardio

Meet Bryn

I’d like you to meet my buddy Bryn.

If you’ve “liked” A Workout Routine’s Facebook page (if not, you really should… go here and do it) and follow it regularly, then you probably already met Bryn a few weeks ago when I posted the very same transformation picture you see above.

I’ve known Bryn for about a year now. We’ve gone back and forth about 10,000 times — mostly via Twitter — about various diet and training topics. At some point, he started letting me know how well his fat loss progress was going.

Not just in terms of how much fat he was losing, but how surprisingly easy the entire process was for him. EXACTLY what I like to hear.

Soon after, Bryn decided to actually show me his progress by sending over the before/after pic I’ve included above.

Not bad, huh? Dude got pretty damn lean fairly quickly. So, as I occasionally do when a reader sends me impressive transformation pics, I asked Bryn if he’d be interested in telling the story behind his transformation.

He said yes. And as you’re about to see, the story is just as impressive as the pics that go with them.

(NOTE: The following is exactly what Bryn sent me. The only editing I did was basic formatting and proof reading stuff. I mention this because the dude throws a lot of really nice compliments my way. I swear, I didn’t add in any of those myself. Now where were we? Oh, right…)

Take It Away, Bryn…

Before I begin with my story, I would just like to confirm that the A Workout Routine/A Calorie Counter site hasn’t paid to me to write this article, nor do I personally know the owner/creator (awesome Jay). We have never met and only spoke via internet.

This is off my own back and out of respect to pay back with all the help that this site/owner has given me.

Now whether you believe me or not that’s your choice and also your bad. Believe me if anyone was paying anyone it would be me to Jay. I owe him so much. I’d be more than happy to and I’d pay right now but I know money isn’t the issue with Jay… it’s simply to cut out all the crap and help others.

So we begin…

Drugs, Alcohol And The “Party Lifestyle”

So, now that’s out of the way let me first tell you a bit about myself and stuff Jay didn’t even know, just to give you an idea of my background (don’t worry I won’t bore you).

Hi, my name is Bryn Cragg… and I am from the United Kingdom. I live in a place called Nottingham aka “Shottingham” (due to its gun crime culture). I am from an estate called Clifton in Nottingham, a little rough council estate.

I have been training for a little over a year before this I was heavily involved in a what you would call a ‘party’ lifestyle. Living for the weekend kinda life.

Which involved a lot of alcohol and drugs etc.. Now before you roll your eyes and stop reading, this didn’t make me a bad person. I still worked hard as anyone else, 5 days a week as a construction worker, paid my taxes and all my bills and also made sure I fully looked after myself (food/smart/clothes etc.).

It was just my awful hobby and what everyone around me was doing and which at one stage — I’m not going to lie — I loved but it was getting out of hand and of course just ain’t good for you, obviously.

Not only did I become bored of my “hobby” it was also taking its toll.

Energy levels, breathing, added fat, depression, money, and all the other crap… it was just getting to me. I just wasn’t happy with the way I was turning out and I had enough.

Starting To Work Out… Incorrectly

I know I needed a change and something quick and there was something I was getting more fond of at the time…..THE GYM. I was introduced to the gym in like august 2011. I never lifted free weights just was using machines and doing bit of cardio here and there.

I was buying all the magazines that offered all the “abs in 6 weeks” bullshit and I was doing everything they said, buying all the shakes and all the supplements it said and doing all this while still living my “party life” but as usual nothing was working and I was getting frustrated and skint.

It got to the stage were everything just got to me — the drinking, drugs and the gym not working — so I decided I am going to do it properly.

I simply cannot have both. It was either continue the awful life I was living or make a change and go for something new, so I decided I am going to get shredded more then ever and I was quitting the horrible life I was living.

I told all my friends and family but as you can imagine they didn’t believe me as it was “just who I am” they thought. But I was desperate to step up my game, so I gave it a go…

The Transformation, Version 1: “Hell”

So after deciding I needed a change in my life, I started searching the internet for hours and hours, and I bet you probably already know, all you find is contradicting and conflicting crap.

You got to do this, you got to do that, then oh well you can’t do that because of this and that ARGGGHHH… it was stressing me out. I didn’t know where to start till I came across an up and coming fitness model’s website.

He was jacked just how I wanted to look, so I messaged him asking him his secret. As usual I wasn’t waiting for a reply but a week later he replied offering a tailored diet and nutrition plan to get me ripped. I was buzzing, yeah I want to look like this, just tell me what I have to do…

Well… it was a whopping £250 program (editor’s note: I think that’s a little over $390.00) that guaranteed I would be ripped in 8 weeks, I just have to follow his plan. Sounds fun and simple right?? Hold on…

The money didn’t bother me as I already wasted £100s on supplements that didn’t do shit.

What could I possibly lose….

So I filled in the forms, paid and I got my plan. WWOOOWWW… where do I start…

The Diet Plan

  • It was a carb cycling plan, you know the type.
  • 1 day – 75g carbs
  • 1 day – 125g carbs
  • 1 day – ZERO g (yes zero)
  • It consisted of only turkey, steak, rice/sweet potato, avocado or olive oil and broccoli.
  • I wasn’t allowed to eat after 7 pm.
  • I had to eat every 2.5 hours, 7x a day.
  • I had to weigh everything to a tee.
  • And all other so called body-building rules you probably heard of.

As you can see not the best diet plan to stick to for 8 weeks but I wanted this so bad…

The Training Plan

  • I had to train SEVEN. Yes seven days a week, 5 days weight training 6 days cardio like this…
  • the training was very high volume using fst-7 and all other training systems
  • I also had to do abs every night before bed.

So much to do, and all this on top of my heavy construction job.


Transformation #1
“As you can see I look very drained and fragile (I think so any way and I was lol)”

Again not knowing any better I got on with it and like the program offered I was ripped in 8 weeks… BUT… the 8 weeks were hell.

  • I couldn’t sleep at all due to the over training.
  • I was drained all the time.
  • I looked ill.
  • I was hungry most of the time.
  • I was in the gym like 2 hours nearly everyday after my job.
  • I was moody, horrible to my loved ones.
  • I never saw any of my friends.

I was in a rut. All this on top of my heavy construction job. I was in a worse position than when I was on drugs and living my awful party life style.

Yeah how the hell does that even make sense? Trying to get ripped felt the same as taking illegal drugs???

Where was my fitness model guy who sold me the plan you ask??? He didn’t care. He got his money and his transformation picture for his site and he basically ignored me all the way through the whole program. To be fair his plan did what it said it would do but it was a nightmare lifestyle thinking I need to do all this stuff to be “ripped.”

NO WAY I thought, no way do fitness models and body-builders feel like this all the time and have to live like this. Damn I don’t even want to be a fitness model, I just wanted to be ripped but I felt and looked dreadful.

Yeah I was happy I torched fat and got the “abs” I so badly craved but I went through hell, as I say no sleep hardly at all, girlfriend thinking of leaving me, wouldn’t eat nothing due to believing everything was bad for me. I was in a bad way… seriously, I was very unhappy. I didn’t even dare have sugar free gum because of the carb content, eating bang on the hour mark to eat another turkey and rice meal, urrggghhh!

It was HELL… but I blocked out the bad things and was too naive but it was killing me, and just thought about going back to drink and drugs… at least I was a little bit happier then. But I was better than that and I wanted a better life for myself.

Fat Re-Gain: Right Back Where He Started

After the plan I went on holiday to clear my mind and get a grip of myself. I let my hair down and due to the strict diet, my body was craving food, food and yes… MORE FOOD!

I went to town on holiday eating like it was going out of fashion. 1 week I put on A STONE. Yep, a whopping 14lb in a week.

Terrible I know but I was just so pissed off with not eating hardly anything for 8 weeks plus and being stressed and I just didn’t care any more. “I was on holiday.”

But as usual, BANG! Soon as I got back from my holiday I was as fat as when I started my 1st transformation. I was depressed again and the thought of going through hell again was making me want to jump of a bridge… SERIOUS.

Then came the shining angel.

The Transformation, Version 2: The Opposite Of Hell

So after my holiday all I could think about was how bad I wanted to get ripped again BUT surely it didn’t have to be like the fitness model’s plan. I wasn’t putting myself through hell again even though I wanted to be ripped again.

So I got my head on the internet AGAIN for hours and hours and there it was… the site that basically, in different ways obviously, saved my life and in a way I was glad I got fat again so could try all this awesome info the site provided. Buzzing I could try something new, something the complete opposite to what I had been through the first time and bust all the things I thought was a MUST.

The site was of course the awesomeness of and As soon as I came across these sites I was hooked, more hooked than to whatever crap I used to chuck in me in my partying days.

The cool stuff I was reading and the studies to back up what they were saying (Twinkie diet!) was so cool man… I used to get a buzz while reading it all (BETTER THEN ANY DRUG).

I read these pages day and night back and forth time and time again (and still read them everyday now). This isn’t just a site its a super-site it tells you everything. Absolutely everything from how many kcal’s you need, how much of the three macronutrients you need, whether or not your goal is to build muscle or torch fat… no matter how old you are, it has it all.

But what I like most about these sites is how it’s made for normal people like me and doesn’t use long-ass scientific words that confuse me and makes me lose interest plus it cuts absolutely every ounce of bullshit in the fitness industry out of the equation.

Things that I thought were essential like…

  • meal timing
  • carbs are bad
  • eating after certain time
  • cardio is essential for fat loss
  • healthy vs clean foods
  • AND LOADS MORE… everything I had problems with and I know other people do too.

The list goes on and on and on and these sites nail them all.

What I also like about this site is it NEVER once tells you what to do, how to eat, etc.. It advises you, and most important (which no other site does) is it EDUCATES YOU.

I wish I found this site before my first transformation and when I first started the gym. I would save a hell of a lot of money and would be so shredded, serious it’s that good and fricking cool. Seriously I cannot praise this site enough I recommend it to everyone I know and always use its info when I get asked questions.

It educates you about everything about gym/maintaining a healthy balance lifestyle. EVERYTHING. It educated me so much that instead of doing that awful first transformation again or buying another one I would do my own using this site’s guidance and guess what… I got a lot better results.

The Differences This Time Around

  • From training from 7 days a week to just 3 days a week.
  • From doing hours of boring cardio to doing ZERO cardio
  • From eating the same bland food over and over again to enjoying a variety of foods that I love and can adhere to.
  • To not watching my watch every second when to eat to eating when and what I wanted to.
  • From feeling like rubbish to feeling full of energy.
  • From having no time for myself to having all the time in the world and spending time with my friends/family and most important being happy again.

Now can you see the massive difference…

Transformation #2
“I look fuller, more defined and a lot better. I also felt a lot better too… AWESOME.”

It also inspired me to get a diploma in personal training and nutrition (even the course that cost me £3500 didn’t have the in-depth info these sites have) and set up my own Facebook fitness page. Every time I get questions I’m not quite sure on or I don’t know (come on I have only just passed lol), I use the site’s info or point them to this site and they ALWAYS get the answer there looking for.

NOT only all this (seriously I can’t write all this site brings, I recommend just go start reading one of them NOW), but I also speak to Jay (owner) on a regular basis.

He’s been there all the way through my transformation, asking him stuff I am not quite sure about and he’s provided me the answer straight away. No bullshit answers too and not once moaned or asked for money. He’s done it straight off his own back just to add more coolness to these sites and Jay himself.

Also his workout routine page gives you workouts that ain’t pathetic over the top, like most bodybuilders routines are that are busting our joints and killing us. His workouts are effective and perfect to suit any one of your goals.

I highly recommend buying his book. I have and I will be using his workouts with my clients FOR EVER (HOPE THAT’S NOT COPYRIGHT LOL) but I’m sure Jay wont mind. It has all workouts to suit any type of training whether you’re a beginner, want to lose fat, build muscle… EVERYTHING.

Seriously I cannot and will never be able to thank Jay and his sites enough. They are by far the best on the internet by a million miles too. Like I say I just qualified as a personal trainer and I have all the “books” they give you that’s full of info but nothing compares to the info on this site and how it’s told. I am on these sites all day, every day (stalking ha)… they rock.

And I have already planed my first bulk with all of the site’s awesome info and I cant wait to share my results with Jay and his sites.

Anyways I hope you have enjoyed my post to explain how awesome these sites are and how much ANYONE can benefit from them, and also I hope Jay gets the message of how much I appreciated everything he’s told and educated me. Without this site I would be skint through still buying awful diet plans and busting my neck through pointless over the top workouts.

So people stop wasting time, money and effort on all the bullshit out there, pour ya self a big glass of water, get in your pjs and study these sites like its your bible and I GUARANTEE you in a few months you will have the amazing body and healthy lifestyle you’ve craved for so long for absolutely free.

Thank you Jay, A Workout Routine and A Calorie Counter. You have changed my life for the best.

The End… For Now

Dude, you’re very welcome. Thanks for the compliments, thanks for the awesome feedback, and thanks for sharing your impressive transformation and even more impressive story on the site. It was damn good.

Anyone interested in seeing how well Bryn does during his upcoming first bulk? I am.

And as long as he’s down for it, we’ll definitely do another update then to tell you all about it.

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50 thoughts on “Meet Bryn: The Guy Who Easily Got A Six Pack Without Any Cardio”


  1. Well done Bryn. My mum’s from Nottingham, been up there a couple of times. I like how you write… “I was fat”.. lol. Come on… slight exaggeration. Also, your body type seems to be “mesomorph” the body type that find it easy to lose weight and build muscle. Plus I don’t believe that you mentioned your age… I’m guessing that you are about 25-28?? Try being fat… I mean multiple stones over-weight, endomorph (plump, round, find it hard to lose fat) and age say 41. A whooooooole different story.

    The above notwithstanding, I’m not taking anything away from your achievements. YOu’re clearly passionate too, no wonder you look so good. Also, I agree that Jay is an excellent info source and I too have trawled the net looking for info. I’d rate Jay up there in the top 10 fitness sources and I’m sure his book is well worth buying.

    So well done to you and Jay and thanks for sharing.

  2. Not to put a damper on things but is this the same guy. I’m no detective but it doesn’t take Columbo to notice that the tattoo’s on his arms have changed from one side to the other!

    Again not dissing the story just the pictures!

  3. You got lean & look great for sure but I think beating an addiction like that is the most amazing part of your story. Congrats!

    • Good point. When you think about, he did something most people fail at (overcoming drugs and the whole lifestyle that comes with it) while simultaneously doing something else most people fail at (getting really lean).

      Pretty F-ing impressive.

  4. You know it is REAL progress when you are LESS tan in the ‘after’ pic but look MUCH better. Great job man! Breakin all the rules of before and after pics! I like it.

  5. Great story Bryn, and great transformation too. Your before pic reminds me of a friend of mine, also a builder/window fitter. Like him I wouldn’t say you were fat but when doing physical work all day your going to be naturally stronger and athletic looking I suppose, I’m sure drugs aren’t a good mix in that though and good on you for kicking them.

    I have a couple of questions, firstly which of Jay’s routines did you use? And secondly, do you still drink alcohol or did you give up completely?

  6. Making reference to Aaron’s comment, good observation, if this is meant to be a 9 week transformation, how come his tan has faded so much? Or has he covered himself in talc hehe, nice try……..O:)

    • 2 months+ is plenty of time to lose a tan (trust me, I’m from WNY), and apparently a bunch of bodyfat too.
      Why such a hater Fossatti? If that is in fact your real name…

  7. I’m inspired even more. I am at the before pic, looking pretty good; I have lost 20 pounds or fat weight and built a fair amount of muscle, I can see my abs if I flex them, but not like I want. I am at a loss as to where to go from here; this just gave me the push I needed, thanks! Great job man!

  8. I should add, I wasn’t “fat” in the obese sense, I was about 172 to 175 pounds in my 5 foot 9 inch frame but no muscle at all; just a gut. I am now 150 pounds but with a very good build compared to where I was.

  9. Hi Aaron, fossatti is my family name, I’m not a hater, I see so many before and after pictures on ads and it makes me laugh that people believe what they see and read, anyone can get into this shape, but without the right mindset or dedication people will have to settle for articles like this and dream.

    • The thing about the before and after is we assume he took the before JUST BEFORE he started, that pic could have been months before he started but his body shape was the same when he started the 9 week program. I know for a fact if I took a picture of my body 3 months ago and again today, just before starting a serious change in diet and exercise my two before pics would like IDENTICAL except for perhaps my hair style and length.

    • I agree, but the difference here is that nothing is being sold. I have also seen countless black and white ‘before’ pics of a sloppy fat guy with a greasy turkey leg in his hand, ::introduce Miracle Program X:: and ‘after’ he’s a superhero-esque muscle maniac in full brilliant color. Usually Miracle Program X comes with a heavy price tag though.

      I remember buying into one of these popular programs when I first started. I think I paid 70 bucks for it. I won’t name names (Ahem Vince ahem hmm), but I would never buy into one of those things again. It got my foot in the door, so I will say that it benefited me in that sense, but other than that it was full of a ton of confusing and (knowing what I know now) ‘questionable’ information. It also prescribed a ridiculous diet and workout regime that just was not realistic.
      Despite this, I followed it as closely as possible for a while. I sent in my before and after pics and was actually featured on his website with a brief testimony I wrote praising his program. I can’t remember how much progress I had actually made, but I remember the ‘before’ pic I sent was me looking my weakest and whitest and the ‘after’ pic I was flexing my face off right after a grueling workout of, oh what did I bench at the time, maybe 95lbs. Haha. So I know all about fudging before and after pics man.

      I feel like those programs complicate things so that you think you are getting your money’s worth. In reality, all you need is BASIC DIET AND EXERCISE. It would be years before I truly understood this basic concept though.

      I began to look for other ways to get the body I wanted. I was on the right track in dropping that crazy program, but still not there yet. After years of doing my own research but being overly eager to accept anything I found on the internet, I found myself doing equally ridiculous things to meet my muscle building goals. I have gone through many different ‘approaches’ including all the typical ones you find out there: consuming absurd amounts of whey protein, getting extreme anxiety if I went more than 2 hours without eating, doing P90X (shoot me) etc… I even considered GOMAD for a while. It was self-punishment but I thought I was being dedicated by doing all this. Turns out I was just being stupid. Fast forward a few years later and I had developed reflux esophagitis and gastritis, as well as the urge to quit everything all together.

      I finally decided that I was slowly killing myself for nothing. I will admit, I gave up on the whole muscle building thing for a short bit. That didn’t last long. I just have this itch, I want to be jacked. I would try it again.
      This time I took a different approach altogether. But what should I try now? Intermittent fasting? Pre-workout supplements? The options are limitless. I thought back to the Arnold Classic a few years ago. I met a VERY well-known professional bodybuilder and told him that I have a lot of trouble gaining weight, I needed advice. He leaned in and whispered to me, “Man, all these supplements are great and all but, you just gotta eat”.
      So I developed a plan: I would eat a good balance of food and workout intensely, focusing on getting stronger with the main lifts. That’s it. I even stopped taking protein powder! Whoa! I’ll give you a second to catch your breath. I wasn’t really confident in this approach, it was too simple. But I figured hey, at least I’ll be healthier and my body will just kind of do whatever it does.
      Turns out, I’ve never gained weight so easily in my life. I am also getting stronger.

      So now, I eat only real food and I eat it when I want to (The only thing I really track is protein to make sure I’m getting about .8-1.0 g/lb bodyweight). I recently decided to add in ONE scoop of soy protein a day to cut down on meat consumption. I go to the gym 3x a week and do the basic lifts. I am FINALLY on the right track.

      I still do tons of research on diet and exercise, but I really don’t follow much of what I read anymore. Why would I? I found something that works. A few months ago I stumbled on ‘’ and ‘’. It was so refreshing to read what Jay has to say, because it is such simple and efficient information. It spelled out everything that took me 4 or 5 years to figure out for myself and actually understand and accept. SIMPLE DIET AND EXERCISE. Not saying that it’s easy, but that it is simple. And most definitely do-able.

      I only wish that I had found acaloriecounter and aworkoutroutine when I first started years ago. Not only found them, but believed and applied the principles they preach. I can’t imagine what I would look like today. Despite having 4 years of lifting under my belt I still consider myself a beginner, because it is only recently that I have adopted a SMART and INFORMED approach to getting a muscular physique. I have a long ways to go, but I am finally confident that I will get there.

      Well, that escalated quickly. I go off on a real tangent sometimes. But I guess my point is that everything you see on acaloriecounter and aworkoutroutine is good advice. It provides all the info you need to reach your goal using extremely common sense principles that work. It’s not trying to sell you anything, and Bryn’s progress is merely a reflection and a testament to all the info you find on these (FREE) sites. This is great motivation to a lot of people, just maybe not to you.
      There’s no reason to think that Bryn’s before and after pics are fake. Why are you trying to take away from somebody else’s success?

      Another thing to remember is that seriously drastic changes in body composition take a long time to achieve. I’m not taking anything away from Bryn’s accomplishments because to overcome his addictions and greatly improve his physique simultaneously is a HUGE accomplishment. But on the flipside, it seems that in those 9 weeks he was focused on just losing bodyfat and getting cut, a goal most definitely attainable within a 9 week period….IF you are following good advice and putting in the hard work! Maybe you don’t believe it because you are not following good advice or putting in the work, therefore not seeing good results?
      Personally, I’d like to gain like 20 lbs of muscle or more. I accept that this is going to take YEARS. If all I saw were before and after success pictures taken years apart though, that wouldn’t be very motivating now would it. It is encouraging and motivating to me to see that other people are following this simple advice and getting the results they want, even if they aren’t exactly the results that I want.

      Why are you trying to discredit the advice shared here? I mean, is what you do to reach your goals REALLY that different from anything you see here? I’m betting it’s not.

      • If you’re going to go off on a tangent, that’s a damn fine way to do it my friend. Thanks for the love.

        We’ve pretty much all spent some period of time going through what you did, myself included. It’s mostly just going to be a matter of how much time are you going to spend there, are you ever going to find your way through it, and what are you going to do when (and if) you do.

        But I’m glad to hear you did and are now on the right track with your diet and training. Most people never make it that far.

        And yes, Mr. ahem’s program is complete fucking garbage.

      • Oh, and whenever you feel like you’ve been on this ‘right track’ long enough to show it off, feel free to send me an email. Something tells me you’d have a pretty entertaining story to share, too.

  10. Jay!! thanks a lot for transforming our lives! I have gone through the site a thousand times, read the book, done the workouts, there is only 1 last question I have! to get my muscle size to be similar to this dudes(not too large), how do I know what weight size to use, I understand all the theories behind reps, weight loss, the ‘toned’ look, but the thing is im quite strong and the only weights that challenge me are quite high, hence no matter how low my calories are I still gain a massive chest and arms etc, thanks for your help again

    • Well, if you currently have less muscle than Bryn, you simply need to train for muscle growth until you build as much muscle as he has/you want. There’s no special approach that is needed, as there aren’t different types of training for different types of muscle growth. You’re either building muscle or you’re not, period. So… train for muscle growth.

      From there, it’s a matter of being as lean as he is here so you appear similarly as “toned” as he does.

      • thanks Jay! that’s the thing, I have more muscle than that and would like to be smaller, so should I reduce the weights I use eventhough I m so strong and the weights that would task someone else seem like waste of time to me, thanks for your quick response

        • If you’re 100% sure that you have more muscle than that (I mention this because people often mistake body fat for larger muscle) and you’re 100% sure that you want to have less muscle on your body, then yes… you’d need to lose muscle mass. And to do that, you’d basically need to do the opposite of what’s needed for building/maintaining muscle, which means lifting less weight.

  11. In terms of diet, did he just follow the 500 calorie deficit per day with high protein and food fats? I have Jay’s book….got it women time ago and it is all you need to know on how to train. I am ready to start my first cut and I wonder how this guy structured his diet. Thanks in advance food the feedback.

  12. Te funny thing is his before picture looks pretty damn good! Probably much better than most of the readers here. But why do we get to see pictures of him and not Jay? Is there a place where we can see your before and after pictures, Jay?

    • Ha, even if Jay is a big fat slop eating a bucket of KFC from the bucket while he responds here, the fact is, his information is sound and really it is not hard to verify what he has put in his book via other sources. The big difference IMHO is Jay puts it straight and in one place, not peppered with other BS or pushing other BS products.

      Or the other way, just follow the book and see for yourself. I have, and the change in appearance and strength in just under a year have been amazing.

      • haha, thanks dude. I can promise you though, I’m not quite a fat slob (currently around 12% BF, bulking), and I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten a bucket of anything.

        The truth about my lack of pics (as well as my last name, personal info about me, etc.) is that I’ve had a few issues in the past with posting them… and it’s entirely a privacy thing. I once wrote something years ago about skinny guys trying to gain weight or something like that, and used myself as an example and included my own before/after pics at the time. Which back then was probably going from 125lbs to 160lbs. Nothing amazing, but looked impressive nonetheless.

        Sometime after, someone took/stole them and started using them in the testimonials of some shitty muscle building program I never heard of. Needless to say, that fun experience kinda turned me off from posting pics.

        The other issue of course is that the internet is filled with a good number of anonymous crazy people who, as it turns out, don’t like it when I call bullshit on the diet/workout/supplement/etc. they’ve developed an emotional attachment too. Case in point, a few years ago I had a guy somehow track down my home phone number and leave me crazy threatening messages. Fun!

        And finally, it also turns out that stupid fitness gurus don’t enjoy it when I point out the stupid stuff they say, do and sell. So much so that the new cool trend has become threatening legal action (rather than engaging in intelligent civil debate) whenever you mention their name in a negative way. Hilarious for sure. But as someone who likes to mention gurus by name and call out their shit (one of my favorite pastimes actually), I find privacy to be a little extra important.

        Having said all of that, I’m sure I’ll have to post pics at some point in the future, just to avoid having to explain all of that over and over again. 😉

        • Jay thanks for the answer. I totally understand it is a crazy world out there. Just want to say that this is an awesome site so glad I found it. I have to order the book now.

          Thanks again.

  13. Well done, Bryn. Very inspirational story. And of course, well done Jay, thanks to your stuff, people can tell that kind of stories.

    But I was actually curious about that Fittness trainer course Bryn took. I am thinking about become a fitness trainer myself but was wondering witch courses would be best. I know that site here is the best one for information 😀 But one still has to get a diploma to become a qualified trainer…

  14. Amazing story, Bryn!

    Haven’t checked out everything on this site yet, but what I have so far,
    I liked and learned so much. One thing though….is it all for men? 😉

    Lost 106 pounds with at least 24 more to go. Wanting to start adding weights around my cardio. Definitely beginner. Eating healthy, organic and fairly clean. . Jay, you sound amazing!

  15. I have been doing your program now for almost 2 months. For almost 30 years of doing bodybuilding style, higher reps etc, 90% of the time working out felt like a chore, like cleaning the toilet – something I just HAD to do to get the results I wanted, but really didn’t enjoy it! But now I actually look forward to Jay’s way of weight training – long rest periods, lower reps, progressive overload- my kids joke about how ‘jacked’ I’m looking. Also don’t need to see the chiro as often for massages. Whenever I get a comment about the arms, I say “go to AWorkoutroutine”

    have a question about sweating – when weight training – I hardly EVER build up a sweat- only when doing cardio (which isn’t much at all now – that’s like cleaning x 2). why? have noticed that men usually do so quite easily – I know men lift more, but I lift to my capacity too.

    Wish I found you 30 years ago – but then you would have just been a toddler or a twelvie!

    • Ha, very glad to hear it dude!

      Regarding sweating, it’s really not anything that you need to care much about in this context. Some people just sweat more or less than others. Simple as that.

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